76. I love my workspace: Nowy Styl i Kusch+Co zapraszają do Paryża

  • I love my workspace: Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co would like to invite you to Paris

Two brands: Nowy Styl and & Kusch+Co will present products designed for various office spaces. Bold colours and vibrant energy stand in contrast to the composed design. That’s where you’ll see a full range of our ideas. 

Workspace Expo Paris (26 - 28/03/2024) is a perfect opportunity to explore the latest trends and talk about the requirements of a modern workspace. The motto of this year’s event is “I love my workspace”. It inspires the exhibitors to present such office solutions that make it easier to come up with a workspace people will love. And not only that. 
This year we go for design. We wanted to show we have an extensive portfolio of office furniture. Our products can also be used in other public spaces. 
Anna Groń
Architect for Nowy Styl

We present new products and solutions for four different zones. 
Welcoming Zone

Intense blue accents are prominent in the zone where you hold spontaneous conversations. This is where we welcome those who visit our stand.  
  • Vapaa (Nowy Styl)

    Today's working style involves communication, exchange of ideas and business meetings, but also quiet focus work. The Vapaa line is designed to meet all those needs. This functional and timeless solution interacts with its users. You can use the Vapaa line to arrange many different office spaces!
  • Utila (Nowy Styl)

    Discover the many possibilities offered by Utila, a chair that fits perfectly into any space. Its unique design will not only complement your interior but lend it an individual character. Thanks to the wide range of adjustments and additional features to choose from, Utila adjusts to the needs of any user, ensuring ergonomic and comfortable sitting.
Chill Zone 

Energetic orange stands in contrast to pure white. The whole composition looks like a fairy tale. This zone is designed for meetings, but also relaxation. It can also be an inspiration to arrange other spaces, e.g. a hotel lobby.  
  • Genaya (Kusch+Co)

    Genaya is more than just soft seating. Its modularity enables Genaya to respond to the diverse needs of its users, as the solution harmoniously blends into any space. It is the epitome of interior design comfort and flexibility.
  • Bound (Kusch+Co)

    The Bound soft seating collection includes an armchair, a sofa and a table. Its reductive yet powerful design saturates any space with loads of emotions, making that place unforgettable. Enjoy the safe embrace of Bound and relish the feeling of relaxation. You are in blissful surroundings, so focus on your interactions with your close friends or business partners.

Agile Zone

In the muted shades of green and grey, you can see products that support the agile working style. That’s where we focus on flexibility and mobility. We present how easy it is to rearrange a space to match the users’ needs. 
  • Brainy (Nowy Styl) 

    Brainy is a mobile solution for individual focus work. Feel free to adjust it to your needs – it’s incredibly intuitive. Isolate yourself from external noises and focus on the task at hand. Brainy will support your creativity and help you make to most of your potential.
  • OXO (Nowy Styl) 

    OXO is a buildable system that consists of deliberately designed elements, which can be freely combined and linked together. Do you mind having an approachable, modern and comfort-driven place to work? OXO makes it easy to refresh it.
Meeting Zone

This is a space that should be part of every office. The meeting zone designed in peaceful colours will make you want to stay here for a while and talk. 
  • Creva (Kusch+Co)

    An extraordinary table series that succeeds in transposing the design aesthetics of home furniture to the office environments. Its minimalist design language is typified by round shapes and well-balanced proportions. Geared towards a plethora of environments, the Creva table excels in versatility – ideally suited to either individual workstations or large-scale conference configurations, not forgetting the touchdown configurations.
  • beWise (Kusch+Co)

    Offices, hotels, conference halls, seminar rooms, lecture theatres, places of religious worship, hospital chapels, private schools, workshops, auditoriums in music schools – these are ideal locations for beWise. The wide product range means the beWise chair can fit in any of these spaces. 

Outside of our stand, you can still find our products in a space arranged by a French design studio: StudioK by Karl Petit. This is an inspiring variation inspired by our solutions, whose form and shape may occasionally vary, as you will discover.   

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