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We change, and so does the style of our work and our office space arrangement needs. Today, we are looking for innovative solutions that will allow us to be mobile and more flexible. In the face of swiftly changing trends, we should create office spaces that can be rearranged quickly. Spaces that adapt to us and our needs.

Designed by

Simon Schossböck

  • Two models available: Brainy and Brainy Mini​

  • Mobility

  • Intuitiveness

  • Space saving

  • Support for individual work

  • Privacy

  • Focus

  • Acoustic comfort

  • Reduction of external distractors​

Product line categories

​Brainy is a mobile workstation for individual focused work that you can get ready yourself in just a few seconds. You will be surprised by its intuitive assembly, lightness and mobility.​
Reduction of external distractors
​Brainy helps you stay fully focused, enables you to work effectively and achieve your goals. It allows you to isolate yourself from external distractors and focus on the task at hand, while ensuring acoustic comfort.​
Space saving
Brainy is an innovative solution that supports optimal use of available space and adapts it to individual needs. 

Create your work environment with Brainy!​


Designer spotlight

Simon Schossböck
Born in 1990 in Eggenfelden, he completed a strictly technical education as an engineer in the field of automation technology in neighbouring Austria. First and formative contact with design came in 2010 with the following professional years as product designer and head of engineering in Martin Ballendat's studio.
In 2020, he founded the 07eins GmbH for automotive technology, which laid the economic foundation for his own design studio through various developments and property rights in the field of combustion engines.
Since its foundation in 2021, has been designing and developing cross-sector furniture and product concepts for international clients, with a particular focus on innovative functionality, efficient engineering and sustainable design.
​There's always a story behind every product that appears in Nowy Styl portfolio. Check the catalogue to discover what stands behind Brainy.

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