Let’s meet at the Clerkenwell Design Week!

  • Let’s meet at the Clerkenwell Design Week!

We invite you to the the showroom of our two brands – Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co, refreshed especially for this occasion. See the latest products, explore creative solutions designed for office space and test the awarded pieces of furniture.

Visit the showroom of NowyStyl and Kusch+Co:
58 St John's Square, London, 
Nowy Styl

At Nowy Styl we have the best furniture solutions for your office. We have arranged numerous office spaces of different sizes and in a variety of sectors in Europe and all over the world. We closely cooperate with our clients and for more complex projects we use the support of long-standing partners. Over the years we have grown and tested various solutions, so as to be able to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Let’s make your space together!
  • Brainy

    Brainy is a mobile workstation designed for individual, focused work. It is the perfect solution for any setting that requires concentration, providing a high level of acoustic comfort that enhances productivity during tasks that demand greater focus. 
  • Offa

    Offa is a furniture line that consists of over dozen of models that enable building flexible agile-based workspace. All pieces are mobile so the office gets adaptable and responsive to changing needs of collaborative teams.

  • Vapaa

    Today’s working style involves communication, exchange of ideas, formal and informal meetings but also work in focus and concentration. The Vapaa line has been designed to meet all these needs. It interacts with its users. It’s functional and timeless.

Kusch+Co is a design-driven brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality. At Kusch+Co, quality has always been irreplaceable. This concept translates not only into the products, their design, materials and precision, but also into the general approach. As a man is in the centre of the brand’s interest, Kusch+Co wants to give him the quality, that can truly support his dynamic work- and lifestyle, his everyday and the environment he lives in.
  • Genaya

    Genaya by brodbeck-koepp design is a soft seating series that offers the possibility of creating extremely versatile configurations, regardless of the size of the space. It was created with focus on simplicity.
  • Bound

    Designed by Karim Rashid, this inspiring furniture series on the one hand is the epitome of contemporary design and on the other, thanks to its soft lines, exudes an aura of cosiness adding an inviting feel to any space.
  • beWise

    Functionality based on our knowledge and experience. beWise is the quintessential combination of design knowledge and experience.

Join us at events in our showroom
Coffee & donut
Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-11:00
Everyone needs a break. How about some office furnishing inspiration along with an aromatic coffee and a doughnut?
Fresh juices and sandwiches to go
Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-13:00 
Visit us at lunch time and grab something healthy for your body and mind!. We will serve fresh juices and sandwiches to go.
Great food with us
Wednesday 13:00-16:00
Visit us and help yourself to a delicious selection of snacks and food.
Drinks party
Tuesday-Thursday 17:00
In the afternoon, join us as we exchange insights on the new working world in a more relaxed atmosphere, with drinks and snacks served.
Let's meet!
If you can't wait for the event, you can visit our London showroom now. It’s a display space for two brands: NowyStyl and Kusch+Co, where they show the best they have.

And if you've already had a chance to visit, don't hesitate to take another look during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024! We're refreshing our showroom especially for this occasion.
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