With a space of 579.44 m2, the showroom in Berlin is a homage to the origins of Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co. Inside you will find elements of art, represented by large oil paintings, which lend a unique vibe to this space.

This is where the values of our brand are most prominent, and respect for tradition mingles with the drive towards modernity.

The concept of this interior is based on three main pillars: tradition, modernity and brand. This is the foundation of the entire design. Tradition is present in each and every element – from the location of the showroom to the choice of materials and design. Modernity can be seen in the innovative design, which follows the latest trends in the industry. Brand is represented by Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co products displayed in the showroom to emphasise the quality and design we want to stand for.

The showroom in Berlin is also a meeting place and a centre for exchanging ideas. This is where our clients can see our products, test them and notice their quality. This is also a place where you can obtain professional guidance and find inspiration to create your own office or business space.

The inside has been designed for comfort and functionality. It is light and spacious, and the natural light that flows inside emphasises the authenticity of the displayed products. That's how you can have a closer look at the dominant colours – jade green, ochre, slate grey and natural wood.

Each element of the interior design has been carefully planned to ensure maximum comfort and client satisfaction. Feel the brand vibe, understand its philosophy and core values, and experience the quality and design of our products.

The showroom in Berlin is more than just an exposition – it is a place with a life of its own, a witness of numerous meetings, conversations, exchanges of thoughts and ideas. This is a place that motivates and inspires you to create a better workspace – functional, aesthetic and user-friendly.

In Berlin, a city of history and culture, this showroom is a bridge between the past and the present – a place that combines the best of both worlds. It is also proof of how our brand strives for excellence, innovation and respect for tradition. This combination makes it a perfect place for all those who appreciate quality, design and unique style.
Pfuelstraße 5, 
10997 Berlin, Germany
Crisp white combined with bright light, blurred outlines of the chairs and a bit of understatement. This is how we want to surprise our guests upon entrance. Office chairs, café chairs and those ultra-functional ones for healtcare facilities are a prominent part of our product range. But as the clients dig deeper into our story, they will see we have much more to offer. In our showroom they will find inspirations and end-to-end solutions for workspace and meeting places, all of which respond to the ongoing challenges and needs of numerous organisations.
Dominika Wyderska
Architekt w Nowym Stylu
Showroom in Berlin: when classic meets modernity

Soley 1983. Offa 2021. The classics of the 1980. design created by Kusch+Co and a preview of a new product by Nowy Styl. Although the two products are almost 40 years apart, in Berlin they come together in a form that suits both. Today we would kindly like to invite you to our showroom, where you can feel the timeless vibes and the freshness of modern solutions for office and public spaces
The Soley chair designed in 1983 by Valdimar Harðarson, has become one of the brand icons over the past 40 years and it fits in with modern spaces just as well. On the other side there is the Nowy Styl novelty section. At the moment we showcase the preview exhibition of a new line of furniture designed for agile spaces. Offa, because that’s the name of this line, is a response to the clients’ needs, who are on the lookout for mobile solutions that support teamwork, brainstorming and creative meetings. The system was created by the Nowy Styl Design Team who joined hands with key clients working in the agile methodology. The mobility and versatility of this system make it a perfect choice for every office, not only those following the agile system.
During the renovation works we discovered a beautiful terrazzo floor near the entrance. We decided to take it in our stride and adapt it to our project - just like the wooden floor, which only needed to be refreshed. While creating our showroom, we wanted to respect the past of the place as well as the history behind Kusch+Co, which has been present in this space for years. By adding products by Nowy Styl we introduced modern complementary solutions, which combined with the solutions by Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl may inspire our clients to come up with user-friendly offices that support effective work.
Corinna Graf
Head of Marketing DE/AT at Nowy Styl