Business services

Business services

Poland, Katowice

Our client is a company based in Katowice. It is a provider of key administrative services to businesses all over the world. In order to support the client in their ambitious goals, we helped them create a modern space complete with top-quality products. 
For this project, we teamed up with the investor and the 3XA architectural studio, so as to come up with an environment that fosters effective work.

One of the challenges in this project was to retain some of the previous furniture and accessories. We have designed a flexible, innovative, and agile work environment, with warm finishes combined with greenery. It successfully replaced a traditional, static office. When you look at this space, you think quality, aesthetics, and modern solutions. All of these come together in a user-friendly colour scheme.
Agnieszka Ząbroń
Architect for Nowy Styl
Different types of space, from an open-space desk to reading rooms, meeting zones, and single offices, offer a choice and an opportunity to build a community at work.

Sectors Professional services

Number of workstations ca. 140

Spaces 1400 m²

1.    Using furniture from the previous office arrangement and combining it with new solutions.
2.    Creating a variety of workspaces to give employees a choice.
3.    Combining comfort with functionality and aesthetics.
1.    Furniture from similar series, in a consistent colour scheme.
2.    A workspace that accommodates focus work, meetings, and workshops, and includes not only workstations but a canteen and a chillout zone as well.
3.    Ergonomic furniture, comfortable and consistent with the whole office space concept.
1.    An innovative office that combines tradition with modernity. 
2.    A flexible work environment, where each employee will find a space that matches their expectations.
3.    Creating a modern office - a flagship place, which meets the client’s expectations.

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