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Trendy and ergonomic – that’s Boozt!

Boozt is a Scandinavian technological business selling products from well-known brands. The company offer a selection of modern items by trendy brands, designed for home, everyday life, fashion, sports, or for children. Over the past few years, Boozt has been growing rapidly and in 2023 made a revenue of 7.8 billion SEK. By that time, they had more than 3.5 million active customers on

This time, we once again visited the PFC office building in Poznań to design and furnish their office.  The Booxt Technology Sp. z o.o. office is located on the 9th floor of the building, with a lovely view of the city. The employees could express their preferences when it came to choosing office chairs. No wonder they picked Xilium. To match the chair, we suggested eUP2  – a desk with an electrical height adjustment. Our architect, Magdalena Grabarczyk, supported our client in choosing the products and colour options, as well as the space arrangement.
I chose Nowy Styl from among the leading brands on the Polish market, because it’s a Polish manufacturer, with local representatives and a showroom here, in Poznań. The communication with Natalia was impeccable at every stage of the process, from the initial bid to choosing the furniture, to the final assembly of the products in the office. Patience, professional and highly responsive attitude – I could not find enough words to praise this experience.  Magdalena Grabarczyk was also a great support at the design stage. She promptly responded to my suggestions and introduced all the necessary changes. She used simple words to explain the reasons why a specific solution was better than others. At the final stage, when the furniture arrived in the office, I was once again reassured that Nowy Styl was the perfect choice for the job. Robert Stępień, who was responsible for the logistics of this enterprise, proved that I was lucky to choose the best customer support and design team. That’s how we got an excellent office, which caters to our needs and lives up to our expectations. An office we happily use. A place where we feel good. 
Anna Besler
Office Manager Boozt Technology Poland
From day one I knew that collaborating with Boozt would be a good project.  The client was open to our suggestions regarding the products and colour options. That’s why we could reach for less obvious solutions, such as the Creva conference table or a tall Levitate table in the social zone, complete with a set of hockers with various finishes. As a result, the office is eye-catching and unique. 
Magdalena Grabarczyk
Architect at Nowy Styl
We got yet another proof that the relationship with the client is material for the final shape of a project. In this case, the client’s open attitude to our suggestions and comments paved the way for a fantastic office, which will continue to serve the people of Boozt Technology for the years to come.
Collaboration with the client on this project was a pleasure. We responded to the clearly expressed needs. The office was supposed to be modern, cosy, and most of all ergonomic for the employees, with a nice chill-out zone. No place for compromise here - everything was to be top-notch.
Natalia Samsel-Dados
Senior Sales Manager at Nowy Styl

Sectors Fashion

Number of workstations 30

Area 500 m²

1.    No predefined interior design and no external architect on the Client’s part.
2.    Decisions concerning the choice of the office chair were made by the employees – we needed to come up with a solution to suit everybody’s taste.
3.    The need to live up to the client’s expectations – the bar was set very high.
1.    Working with the Nowy Styl architect to pick the right furniture and finishing materials.
2.    Offering a few chairs to be tested by all employees.
3.    Choosing top-quality furniture to guarantee ergonomic, functional and comfortable use. 

1.    The architect and the Client worked together in a friendly atmosphere to achieve the predefined objectives. With such a positive vibe, no wonder the results were outstanding.
2.    Creating workstations with the Xilium chair and an eUp2 desk with electrical height adjustment.
3.    In the end, we came up with a user-friendly interior arrangement that matched the client’s expectations.

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