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4f - now centralised and furnished with Nowy Styl!

OTCF is a company that designs, makes and sells sportswear, footwear and accessories for sports professionals and amateurs. It owns a few brands, the major one being 4F. Previous company offices in Kraków and Wieliczka have now been merged into a single space in The Park Kraków facility. The interior design was prepared by the Trzop Architekci studio, whereas Nowy Styl provided ergonomic and modern furniture solutions.
OTCF has always been an important client for us – not only because the brand is big and recognisable in Poland and abroad, but also because they share a set of values with us, such as the love of sport, which is manifested by Nowy Styl in a number of ways: we sponsor sports clubs and professionals and provide furniture to stadiums all over the world. 
Estera Masłowiec
Sales Manager Nowy Styl
Since OTCF is a manufacturer and designer of sportswear, the main inspiration for their office was the most notable and prestigious sports event in the world - the Olympics. The colours of individual office floors are a reference to the five circles on the Olympic flag.
We wanted to come up with a flexible office space, adjusted to our current needs, so that our staff can use ergonomic workstations and engage in a hybrid work model thanks to the deliberate space design, which accommodates a variety of zones and special areas. The key thing was for the office to be intuitive and user-friendly so that all of us can feel comfortable there.
Wojciech Mikulski
Member of the OTCF S.A. Board
Positive collaboration, similar vision and complete involvement of the client and the architectural studio were essential for us to create this modern, dynamic office, which reflects the evolution of the brand and becomes the hub where excellent ideas will originate. 
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Branch Sport & Fasion

Number of workstations 550

Area 8 200 m²

1.    Come up with an office that matches the vision and mission of the client, and lives up to the employees’ expectations.
2.    Provide the users with ergonomic workstations, to improve their effectiveness and ensure maximum comfort.
3.    Provide space for creativity and design, to facilitate the creation of apparel and accessories.
1.    The concept and colour scheme were based on the Olympic symbols – the colours of 5 circles on the Olympic flag.
2.    Workstations with an electric height adjustment desk and an ergonomic Souly chair.
3.    Space for teamwork with large CS5040 tables.
1.    An exceptional, characteristic office for a client from the sports sector.
2.    Improved working conditions and higher efficiency of the call centre staff.
3.    An office with a variety of zones for teamwork.

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