The second edition of Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award has just come to an end!

The winners of Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023 were announced on August 17th. Meet this year’s honorees for outstanding sustainability achievements.

The purposes of SSA Contest is to engage suppliers, develop and promote CSR initiatives related to environmental contribution and social actions. In 2021 Contest edition we focused on environmental and social aspects in general, nevertheless, facing coming ESG challenges, this year we raised the bar higher. We are proud of the way our suppliers act, develop and promote sustainable development!
These days, working with a Customer on a Business Project focuses not only on the selection of high-quality products and services. Before the decision is made, the Customer checks us as a supplier along with our supply chain for doing business in a spirit of a sustainable development. We strive to ensure that Nowy Styl activities and cooperation with suppliers in this area result in the best solutions for Customers while respecting and promoting environment and people. We thank our Suppliers for their ambitious sustainable goals, motivation in their implementation, promotion and application of good CSR practices in their daily business activities. We share this knowledge in order to better implement and improve CSR strategies.
Klaudia Pieczka
ESG Procurement Manager at Nowy Styl
The Award recognizes companies that have contributed significantly to achieving environmental goals of EU Taxonomy, and those Partners who demonstrate real support to vulnerable groups – women, people with disabilities, engage in promoting diversity, integration and equality in their own Organizations. Also, facing the Ukraine war crisis, we asked our suppliers how they engaged in helping people in need.
We are aware of the impact that individual links in the supply chain have on our products. We recognize the effort of the companies cooperating with us to minimize not only business but also non-financial risk – and we want to reward it. The Contest for suppliers, which is an incentive to improve activities and take new ones related to further reducing negative environmental impact and strengthening the impact in local communities, is particularly close to us. We believe that only joint actions will fulfill obligations regarding corporate social responsibility towards the environment and future generations.
Agnieszka Dźwigoń
CSR & Sustainability Specialist at Nowy Styl
Best works presented holistic sustainable approach, well-thought and comprehensively developed CSR strategy regarding origin, recycling content and recyclability of the product in the context of circular economy, inspiring initiatives for people and culture, excellent diversity and inclusion company strategy, woman supporting programs, innovative actions to promote diversity in the workplace.
Diversity and Inclusion are becoming increasingly important in the business world, becoming part of the organization's strategy that takes responsibility for building an organizational culture based on diversity, equality and an inclusive work environment. The Companies participating in our Competition run programs for women, multicultural social model and inclusion.
Karolina Bolesta
Senior HR Specialist at Nowy Styl
For outstanding innovations and accomplishments in sustainable development the jury awarded the following participants with distinctions and granted prize winners:

1st place
Hettich Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH

See the presentation

2nd place
See the presentation

3rd place
Camira Fabrics LTD
See the presentation

And granted distinctions: i.e.: Bachmann GmbH, Bock 1 GmbH , Donati S.p.a., Elis Textile Service Sp. z o.o., FABRYKA 4X4 Sp. z o.o. Sp.komandytowa, GABRIEL A/S, Hydro Extrusion Hoogezand B.V.,  Leggett & Platt Office Components International S.r.l., Spradling International GmbH.
We are very proud to have won the Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award 2023 because sustainability is very close to our hearts. In everything we do, we always think about tomorrow and our next generations. With our actions today, we want to ensure that there is a resource-rich tomorrow for all of us.
Mr. Dr. Andreas Hettich
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Hettich Group
At the end of September, as the follow up of Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award Contest, we invited our Suppliers for a SSA2023 webinar in order to share good CSR practices performed in Suppliers Organisations and concerning the topics of the second edition of SSA2023 Contest. In the presence of over 40 persons: CSR Specialists, colleagues from Nowy Styl and Nowy Styl subsidiaries, we discussed and shared ideas described in the Contest presentations. It was a great chance for all participants to exchange ideas, inspire others, get knowledge and share sustainable concepts. 
The Participants prepared short speeches on the following topics:
  1. Recycling revolution by Gabriel.
  2. Circular economy by Rehau.
  3. Wood recycling by Egger.
  4. All type of waste by Spradling.
  5. Closing the loop by Camira.
  6. Renewable and raw materials in Bachmann products.
  7. CO2 emissions reduction plans at Hettich.
  8. SBTI and SDG at Elis.
  9. Sustainable approach towards products: Legget&Platt.
  10. Diversity, inclusion, belonging & woman by Hydro.
  11. Donati way of promoting cooperation, engagement, and happy work environment.
As a good sustainable initiative, SSA Webinar, will be continued each year.
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