The Reunion report: explore our solutions for hybrid offices

  • The Reunion report: explore our solutions for hybrid offices

For our clients who have implemented hybrid work or are considering it, we have come up with sample office arrangement schemes that respond to the challenges posed by the new reality. We would like to invite you to explore the latest publication by Nowy Styl – Reunion: a new office reality.
The past few years saw rapid changes in organisations, as the pandemic restrictions were introduced and hybrid work appeared. The traditional five-day working week in the office is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The post-pandemic reality forces employers to find their feet on a broad spectrum between fully remote work and traditional work in the office. There are also several other challenges, such as building relations in dispersed teams, or collaboration and information exchange among employees in the new reality.

What do I need from my office?
Our professional knowledge and know-how stem from our long-standing experience of working with clients, as well as studies and analyses prepared by our internal Workplace Research and Consulting Department. In 2022 we conducted a study titled “What do I need from my office?”. The study was both qualitative and quantitative. In the survey we collected the opinions of people in various points of their career, holding a variety of posts and performing different tasks.

Based on the outcome of the study, we have come up with the Reunion office concept, which is the heart of a company and a space designed to facilitate the reinforcement and reconstruction of bonds that loosened during the pandemic. The most interesting conclusions drawn from the study were published in the report titled “Reunion: a new office reality”.

Reunion is an office that is the heart of your business.  

Reunion is a space that helps reinforce and rebuild relationships after the period of the pandemic.

Reunion is a place for interaction, meetings and exchange of thoughts and information - a place where you can focus and engage in a joint creative effort.

Reunion is an office with a unique workstation arrangement, fostering teamwork and group effort. 

New office areas as a response to the changing needs

Whichever functional office arrangement you choose, we believe it should include a variety of zones to support your staff in the performance of everyday tasks. In the Reunion model, we propose the division of office into 3 areas: integration, inspiration, and focus. These areas are located in specific parts of the office – the deeper you enter the office space, the more silent areas you encounter. We move from the areas focused on integration towards the zones of increased focus and silence.
Reunion office: let’s be a team again
The Reunion report includes ready arrangement designs and interesting product solutions, which will make the integration, inspiration, and focus areas support the employees in their everyday efforts.

The report also includes some information on:
– the post-pandemic situation of offices,
– what the employees need from the office - according to our study,
– how to come up with an office where your employees happily return,
– how to arrange an office space to foster teamwork and creative efforts,
– how to plan a space where the relationships between employees can be reconstructed and fostered after the period of isolation,
– how to become a team once again.
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