The Platinum Ecovadis Medal goes to Nowy Styl – we celebrate again

Once again Nowy Styl has been awarded the Platinum Ecovadis Medal. EcoVadis is one of the key ESG rating platforms, recognised and appreciated all around the world. Thousands of businesses, including the largest companies, use the services of EcoVadis.  Only 1 % of the evaluated businesses receive this distinction.

This year we once again went for the evaluation of our efforts in 4 categories: 

- labor & human rights
- environment
- ethics
- sustainable procurement 

We are happy and proud to announce we scored even higher than last year. We obtained the highest score in the ‘environment’ category, which aptly reflects our involvement in bringing a positive impact on the natural world around us. 

Our journey through the EcoVadis evaluation could be summed up in a single word: Growth. We have gone through various stages: from silver to gold, and this year we finally reached the top platinum level. And we don’t stop at it. We’re motivated to keep growing and improving our activities in various areas of our organisation.  

This year’s evaluation was facilitated by an interdisciplinary team covering many areas of our business, which were scrutinised by the EcoVadis experts.