XIO 2.0

​A perfect world could not exist without responses tailored to your requirements. Body and mind are one. When you relax and your mind is at rest, your thoughts usually become clear and new ideas keep flowing into your head. This is exactly what XIO 2.0 offers: intelligent solutions, perfectly corresponding to the employees’ needs.​​​

Designed by

Nowy Styl Design Team

  • ​Wide variety of finishes

  • Electrical height adjustment

  • Fixed or sliding table tops

  • Meeting tables with foldable table top

  • IoT System

Product line categories

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Wide variety of finishes
​For desks and workbenches:
- Veneers in thickness 25 mm
- Fenix ​​NTM laminate with a thickness of 25 mm
- Melamine with a thickness of 25 mm or 19 mm
- Laminate with a thickness of 25 mm

For meeting table:
- Melamine in thickness 19 mm
- Laminate White Gloss in thickness 19 mm​
Control panel with display and memory function of 4 positions and possibility of remote workplace management. How does it work?
- make a deskbooking,
- find your colleague,
- check the office and the desk usage analytics.​​​

XIO 2.0

Nowy Styl Design Team
​Nowy Styl Design Team is made up of interior architects, product managers and engineers. The sum of their knowledge and experiences, supported by the opinions and expectations of our customers, makes each new product accurately respond to global trends and the actual needs of modern office spaces and their users.

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