• Tilkka your time!

​In Finnish, Tilkka means a splash of water caused by a thrown pebble. It lasts just a moment, yet offers a calming and relaxing experience. The same can be said about those rare and precious moments during the day that you can spend in the cosy embrace of the Tilkka armchairs and sofas.​

Designed by

Need Studio

  • Line includes armchair, sofa and table

  • Universal, biofilic design that warms up interior

  • Two versions of metal frame: 4 legs or X-sled​

  • Wooden legs made of solid beech or solid oak

  • Plenty of finishes

  • Safe and stable construction

Product line categories

​Keep in mind that life is all about balance. These days, the utmost luxury is not defined by goods! It is defined by experiences, memories and emotions.

Tilkka means: enjoy here and now!

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It’s your time for Tilkka!

A good start promises success. How do you usually start your day? With a cup of coffee and a newspaper? Meditating? Listening to music?

Don’t give up on your habits and rituals that give you a burst of energy.

It’s your time for Tilkka!

Whether you work at home or in the office be sure to have a moment of regeneration after a period of increased concentration.

Take short breaks to relax, preferably somewhere you can feel safe and comfortable.

It’s your time for Tilkka!

​Evenings can be spent in so many different ways. If you choose to stay at home, Tilkka is always there to evoke an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness.

Make sure your books, a cup of tea and a blanket are ready for this encounter.​​​


Designer spotlight

Need Studio

Tilkka is a result of a cooperation between Nowy Styl specialists, the NEED STUDIO design duo and the LuCreate Design Development Foundation which works to build relationships between designers, business, art and local communities.

Product design keeps evolving. Looking at that constant change, we keep in mind that the primary determinant of furniture design is its usability. As we designed the Tilkka collection, we aimed to combine functionality and versatility with a great visual effect. Tilkka naturally fits into the current trends of organic shapes, which stand in opposition to those that have already been quite heavily exploited on the market. Tilkka has a universal, unrestrained design with a global appeal.

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