POLAND, Warsaw

The showroom in Warsaw is a homely, cosy place, with the energy of the dynamically growing capital city vibrating right underneath. 

The showroom is located in Oxygen, a modern office building near Aleje Jerozolimskie, at Jutrzenki 137a. Aleje Jerozolimskie is a place that is experiencing rapid growth, as it attracts more and more multinational businesses. Convenient public communication options, as well as an intricate network of roads and the proximity of the Okęcie airport, make this point a perfect location for a Nowy Styl Showroom.      

The new concept for the showroom interior focuses on the display of possible workspace arrangements: office rooms or open space ideas. An excellent final touch comes with the products by Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co, designed for flexibility. In this space, you can experience the new rhythm of a mobile office, where the furniture arrangement can be adjusted to match the needs of the organisation or the meeting type. This is where you can feel that the office supports everyday processes: facilitates communication and makes work easier. 

In our Warsaw showroom, each element has been carefully planned and chosen to create a harmonious and functional space. Colours, shapes and spatial layout reflect the modern, dynamic approach to interior design, without compromising the warmth and cosiness which simply make you want to stay.

It’s good to mention that the Warsaw showroom is more than just an exposition of our products. This space is an example of a modern and functional workplace, where teams can effectively engage in their tasks in a comfortable and inspiring setting.
Oxygen Building
ul. Jutrzenki 137a
02-231 Warszawa