GERMANY, Stuttgart

Welcome to the Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Stuttgart! The showroom is strategically located on the main street, which will take you straight from the railway station. The area is peaceful and the surroundings are harmonious, which makes it a perfect place for presenting innovative solutions for the main functional zones in the office. On the impressive area of 400 square metres, you can see how functionality meets exquisite design.

Our showroom draws on Neoplasticism, a movement started by an influential artist, Piet Mondrian, a visionary who revolutionised 20th-century art and architecture with his geometric abstraction. The space is unique because of the monochrome background, dominated by black and white, as well as shades of grey and champagne. This understated colour scheme is made more lively by occasional splashes of green, thus creating a friendly, human-oriented vibe.

The showroom is in the BÜLOW office building, located in the northern part of Stuttgart, near Heilbronner Straße. The place is easily accessible to visitors. Since the showroom is on the ground floor, it is perfectly visible from Heilbronner Straße, which means passers-by can admire our inspiring display. Front windows in the southern and western walls of the building let in a lot of natural light, thus making the interior warm and lively. Looking through these large windows, visitors can marvel at the harmonious design of the pedestrian area, surrounded by plants, which gives you a sense of closeness to nature.

We believe that introducing natural elements to a work setting has a positive impact on how we feel, work and create. That’s why we incorporated green accents in the entire showroom. From pot plants to mosses on the walls, subtle natural details successfully complement our product display. We have also come up with a range of products in a peaceful shade of green, to amplify the positive and cosy atmosphere.

Our showroom in Stuttgart reflects the principles of Communication Hub – a workplace of the future. It is much more than a place of individual work. The design entails an environment which fosters communication, collaboration and team spirit. We understand how important it is to build a community at the workplace. That’s why this showroom follows this philosophy.

Visit the Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co showroom in Stuttgart to experience a harmonious combination of innovative products, inspiring design and a soothing balance between functionality and aesthetics. Explore the carefully planned space and see how your office can become home to creativity, collaboration and success.
Bülow-Tower – Heilbronner Str. 190
70191 Stuttgart