POLAND, Poznan

The showroom in Poznań is a unique space where modernity meets tradition. The place stands out because of its characteristic design. The combination of glass and brick walls creates a harmonious design highlighted by a collection of modern office furniture. You will quickly notice the attention to detail – nothing is left to chance here.

One of the main assumptions behind this place is to showcase new products. With a new carpet and renovated walls, this place has become a perfect background for modern furniture, which is the heart of this showroom. Each zone has been designed to meet the needs of the most discerning users.

The spacious ENTRANCE ZONE will greet you with its elegant vibe. This is the first step of your journey through the world of modern design. KITCHEN&DINING is a place where functionality meets comfort, and each meal is a pleasant experience. CAFE is a chillout zone, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and discuss business. AGILE is a space for those who appreciate flexibility and mobility. CREATIVE is a place of inspiration, designed for those who need a special setting to boost their creativity. Last but not least, WORKSTATION is a zone dedicated to those who need some peace and quiet to focus on important projects.

Each zone is designed to promote comfort. Modern lighting makes the interior warm and cosy. The display of new releases makes the Poznań showroom a go-to place if you want to explore the latest trends in interior design.

Summing up, the showroom in Poznań is a place that combines tradition with modernity. This is where you can see what the future of interior design is going to look like. With a deliberate conceptual design, this space has become a perfect place for product display, business meetings or chillout in a nourishing setting. If you appreciate quality, design and comfort, the showroom in Poznań is your must-visit place.


UBIQ Business Park - 1st floor
Grunwaldzka 34a
60-786 Poznań

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