The showroom in Paris is a space where elegance meets functionality, and innovative solutions find perfect harmony with comfort. Levallois Perret, where our showroom is located, is only 6 kilometres away from Paris. It is embedded in the vibe of the most populated and expensive French suburbia.

The interior is a reference to the mono-colour concept, coupled with depth and circular forms. Monocolour on the walls, furniture and accessories lends extra depth to the entire space, while the circular form symbolises the community of people. The trendy, spacious interior has been designed to respond to the modern needs of a working environment. In this setting, you can engage in focused work or teamwork, or simply chill out.

The heart of this showroom is the open-plan kitchen with a large table, illuminated with natural light coming through the skylight. This is a special place, both for the staff and for our visitors. You will feel the French vibe and a reference to the culture of this part of Europe.

While designing the interior of the Paris showroom, we wanted to come up with a comfortable place for meetings with clients, and an efficient office for the staff. We have created a diverse space, where visitors can find inspiration for their own offices. We introduced colour schemes with the dominance of red, navy blue and grey. When combined with natural materials, such as wood or woollen finish, such colours serve to create a warm and cosy place.

The interiors that encourage effective meetings and inspire focused work in harmony with the surroundings are a reflection of our own involvement in creating a space that is aesthetic, functional and user-friendly. The showroom in Paris is a place where each element of interior design has been carefully planned to ensure maximum comfort and client satisfaction.
40 rue Anatole France
92300 Levallois-Perret, France