GERMANY, Hamburg

Hamburg is unique in many ways. It is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures, and a place where you can taste food from all over the world. This is where you can experience a multitude of architectural and artistic styles and find all sorts of inspiration. But it’s the bridges and footbridges of Hamburg that are the best symbol of diversity in the urban layout. They bring people together, in the existential and philosophical sense, drawing on the variety of shapes, sizes, colours, materials, locations and functions. 

The colour concept of the Hamburg showroom relies on the symbiosis of industry and nature. Solid brick, tough concrete and cold steel melt with warm sunlight, gentle water, and soft moss and algae. Three colour zones – cool, monochrome and warm – aptly reflect this harmony and diversity.

The new KühneVISION occupies about 9 200 m² of modern office space in a trendy district of Bahrenfeld in the western part of Hamburg. The four-storey office building was constructed in 2009-2016. It has a classic brick façade with large windows, as a reference to the historical architecture of this industrial district. The spacious entrance with high ceilings is a perfect prelude to a flexible office space, which can be adjusted to a specific corporate culture to create the best working environment.

Bahrenfeld was incorporated in Hamburg in 1938 together with Altona, which used to be a vibrant fishing town.

It now fits in well with the rest of the city. It can be easily reached, thanks to the proximity of four highways, the largest railway node in Germany and an airport.

The showroom in Hamburg is a place where you can see how colour, shape and function affect the office space and the comfort of everyday work. You will easily notice how important these elements are for workplace comfort and functionality, and how strongly they affect your wellbeing and productivity. Chillout zones, tiny hardens and rooftop terraces offer ample opportunities for relaxation at lunchtime.

It’s good to mention that the Hamburg showroom is more than just an exposition of our products. This space is an example of a modern and functional workplace, where teams can effectively engage in their tasks in a comfortable and inspiring setting. Visit our showroom to see how diversity meets with harmony to create a perfect working environment and an appealing display of modern office solutions.
Tasköprüstraße 1,
22761 Hamburg, Germany