NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors

Hungary, Budapest

NXP Semiconductors offers technological solutions for the automotive, industrial, IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets. In their Budapest office located in the Green Court building, Nowy Styl was involved in the interior design and furnishing. The new office, which accommodates 90 employees, was specifically designed to meet their needs, taking into account post-Covid changes as well.

Upon entering NXP's office, visitors are greeted by a spacious area featuring Tepee sofas and a Sand reception. Opposite the reception is a large meeting room, which can be converted into a training area if required. For business meetings, a room furnished with Kusch+Co products is available, featuring a Fenix-surfaced San Siro table and Lupino chairs.

The two large open office spaces are equipped with eModel 2.0 electric desks and ergonomically designed Xilium operative chairs with wide adjustability, supporting the staff in their work. Puzlo locker systems are placed in the area for the storage of personal items of the employees, which also serve as storage for colorful pouffes.

At the end of the larger open office space, separated by acoustic panels, a regeneration zone has been created. Here, a larger modular Tepee sofa and several Tilkka armchairs are placed, complemented by the Tapa swing, providing relaxation for the employees. Additionally, the central hub of office life is the modern kitchen, made even more elegant by the black solid wood Njord chairs.