Mediateka Puławy

Mediateka Puławy

Poland, Puławy

Nowy Styl at the innovative Media Centre in Puławy!

The Municipal Library in Puławy has been the home of local literary events for dozens of years. It attracts readers and organizes a variety of cultural events. For nearly 60 years it was located in the historical Greek House, and now it moved to a modern, functional building in the city centre. The space where we put our furniture was designed by Janusz Gąsiorowski, the owner of the MARKA studio in Puławy. In the area of 4000m², you will find libraries for children and adults, a viewing room, a clubhouse, a playroom, where events for children can be organized, and an exhibition hall. Readers can use innovative solutions, such as the machine for collecting and returning books, or the self-check – intuitive solutions for borrowing and returning books without engaging library assistants.
The Library has been arranged to benefit its users. The designers have considered various age groups, access to books, and the need for quiet space for learning or a room for leisure. With the above in mind, we have come up with a functional, comfortable, reassuring space, where everybody can find a cosy place to relax. Subdued, understated colours are good for your eyes and perfectly complement the bookshelves instead of competing with them
Małgorzata Szczypa
Head of the Municipal Library in Puławy
The furniture and equipment in the Media Centre are functional and comfortable. The place has been furnished with colourful Tapa pouffes, Tauko tables and chairs, which can be freely rearranged as needed, modular Magnes II sets and Hexa seating solutions to provide the readers with ample space, where they can learn, work or simply chill out with an engaging book. The visitors of the Media Centre can now enjoy the wide choice of books and use the comfortable computer stands with ergonomic 4ME office chairs or Belise hockers, and CS5040 workbenches. There is also a special gaming zone with an integrated table, whose tops come in different height options. The set is perfect for board games and can be used by children and adults alike.
The Media Centre in Puławy is an excellent and modern facility, which addresses the needs of multiple user groups. It is complete with the furniture by Nowy Styl, which is designed to provide a comfortable setting for all those who come here to chill out or do their work. The whole project was a unique and pleasant experience. With joint efforts and nice collaboration, we have created a brand new place in Puławy.
Przemysław Bojar
Business Development Manager at Nowy Styl
When the Library was moved to the new venue – the modern and spacious Media Centre, designed to suit the users’ needs and offer the quality you could expect from a 21st-century library – its functions could be expanded to promote readership and active participation in cultural events. The word is that the people of Puławy already love this place. And so do we.

Sectors Services

Spaces 4000 m²

1.    Choose the furniture to match the library setting and functions.
2.    Create a space to attract readers and users craving for a modern library. 
3.    Organize separate zones: for quiet reading and work and children’s classes, as well as a computer workstation area and a gaming room.
1.    Functional furniture options for reading and focus work: Hexa line, CS5040 desk and 4ME or Belise.
2.    Comfortable furniture in interesting colour schemes, to make the space friendly for children and adults alike: Tapa pouffes and Hexa seating solutions, Naudu armchairs in eye-catching colours.
3.    Solutions chosen to match the functionality of individual zones. 

1.    A modern and comfortable library space.
2.    Warm, cosy and attractive interiors to welcome children and adults.
3.    Spaces that offer a variety of zones for individual work and group activities

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