LPP Call Center

LPP Call Center

Poland, Gdańsk

A call center tailored to your needs! 

LPP is a Polish fashion company - a collection of five brands: Reserved, Sinsay, Cropp, House, and Mohito. The new, modern call center in Pruszcz Gdański is another step of the collaboration that started when LPP decided to join forces with Nowy Styl a couple of years ago.
Non-standard layout, unique space arrangement, and modern style - all this spices up the vibe of the seemingly standard call center. The design for the new LPP contact center in Pruszcz Gdański was developed in close collaboration with sound technicians, to achieve optimum sound absorption. The greatest challenge was designing front and side panels, and connecting them to adjacent desks. Our Technical Department together with our Customer Service managed to address all of the Client’s needs and requirements formulated by the Design Anatomy staff. 

A good idea, an innovative design, and a relevant arrangement to reflect these aspects produced a modern call center with a brand new approach to this type of workplace. The call center is normally associated with a noisy, tiresome, and hectic place, but in the LPP project, we actually created a user-friendly workplace, which could become your flagship office.

Sectors Commercial

Number of workstations ca. 100

Spaces 900 m²

1.    Choosing the right furniture to match a modern call center.
2.    Providing the employees with ergonomic workstations, considering specific requirements related to sound absorption.
3.    Solving the problem of cumbersome noise, typical of a call center environment.
1.    An accurately designed arrangement of desks, chairs, and sound-absorbing panels, to suit the needs of the project.
2.    Creating ergonomic workplaces composed of a furniture duo: the Xenium chair and one of the Play&Work desks.
3.    Choosing non-standard height of sound-absorbing panels, which reduces the noise in the call center.
1.    Modern, comfortable call center - a flagship office of the company.
2.    Improved working conditions and higher efficiency of the call center staff.
3.    Reducing the typical call center noise.

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