Poland, Cracow

Farnell with a new ergonomic and environment-friendly office in Kraków

Farnell, a global distributor of electronic solutions, components and products, launched a brand new 1200 m² office in Tertium Business Park B. The Farnell branch in Kraków keeps growing dynamically, at the moment focusing on Poland and Eastern Europe as the prospective region.

The new space was designed to accommodate the changed role and function of offices, so as to adjust them to hybrid work. Our furniture fits in with the entire building, which is known for its low energy consumption.
I’m happy that Nowy Styl could be part of this project. That’s why I’d like to thank the Colliers team for the trust they manifested when inviting us to work together. I think our ergonomic solutions, such as desks with electrical height adjustment and customisable chairs, serve to highlight the modern yet universal vibe of the office. Neutral colours are nice to look at, and when combined with natural elements of interior arrangement and floral motifs, create a cosy, comfortable and supportive workspace.
Agnieszka Linker-Gajos
Senior Sale Manager Nowy Styl
The entire space was inspired by nature. The dominant colours are neutral: beige, grey, green, blue, and all this combined with wood. Moreover, the wallpapers with plant motifs make the canteen and chillout room look unique.

Sectors Trade

Number of workstations 110

Spaces 1200 m²

1.    To come up with a harmonious and supportive workspace.
2.    To design an office in line with nature.
3.    To adjust furniture to the needs entailed by hybrid work.
1.    Using universal furniture, such as eUP3 desks with electrical height adjustment and ergonomic, adjustable Xilium chairs.
2.    The choice of furniture in pastel colours (grey, beige, green and blue), coupled with nature-inspired decorations, such as floral wallpapers.
3.    Focusing not only on workstation ergonomics, but also the comfort of shared spaces: conference rooms, informal meeting zones, and chillout rooms.

1.    An ergonomic office that caters to the needs of every employee.
2.    A friendly office space with a positive vibe.
3.    An office adjusted to hybrid work.

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