Nowy Styl recognizes outstanding CSR performance of its key Suppliers

At Nowy Styl we care about sustainability and we encourage our Suppliers to take responsibility for their actions in this area. Every two years we issue our Sustainability Report according to GRI guidelines and we also assess ourselves via EcoVadis platform. We would like to again recognize outstanding performance of our Partners in the field of environment care and ethics, as well as initiatives aiming at Supplier sustainable and continuous improvement. SSA edition 2021 turned out to be a great success, therefore, the continuation of this great initiative in 2023 is our priority.

This year we will recognize superior Suppliers in the following two sub-categories in regards to the main category – Environment  & Social/Ethical Initiatives:


1. Activities towards reporting CO2 (sope 1,2,3) and other supporting activities
2. Origin, recycling content and recyclability of the product in context of circular economy support
3. Present your contribution to at least one of the environmental objectives:
- mitigation of the effects of climate change,
- adaptation to climate change,
- sustainable use and protection of water resources, 
- transition to a circular economy,
- pollution prevenion and control,
- protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Local Community Impact / Ethics

1. Woman supporting programmes within your organisation
2. Actions to promote diversity in the workplace
3. Activities supporting citizens of Ukraine

We selected amongst our Suppliers and invited them to Supplier Sustainability Award, as we consider their business activities crucially affect both: environmental and social / ethical aspects. We will consider and evaluate their presentations showing their initiative (or initiatives) in regards of Environment and Local Community Impact. Best will be awarded and announced in July 2023.

Once we have met the winners of the competition, we will invite you to the SSA2023 webinar to share experience and inspire each other with good CSR practices. More details coming soon!