Suppliers: Meet the winners of Supplier Sustainability Award

  • Meet the winners of Supplier Sustainability Award

This year Nowy Styl organised the first edition of Supplier Sustainability Award (SSA). In this contest we wanted to show our appreciation of outstanding activities of our key partners, and to encourage suppliers to engage in new initiatives related to environmental protection and community actions. Now the time has come to announce the winners of this year’s edition.
We have received 22 presentations from our suppliers from Poland, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Romania and Italy. We were stunned by the number of entries sent, they were really to the point. We feel inspired by diverse actions our suppliers take within the CSR area.
Maria Lasek
Global Procurement Director
All the entries displayed an exceptionally high level of involvement in environmental and social issues. Contest entries focused on important aspects of product recycling, CO2 reduction in transport services, up to energy saving solutions. Our suppliers also did not forget about social support aspects, local and worldwide; charity fundraising, education support, social initiatives in developing countries etc.
These are only a few examples of initiatives that caught our attention. When we first thought of organising the contest, we simply wanted to know how our suppliers address and embrace sustainability. In fact, we were hoping for interesting projects that would inspire us or other suppliers. We were happy to discover that so many people were interested in participating in the contest. Also, the quality of the entries was impressive. Now we can say that Supplier Sustainability Award will be organised cyclically.
Janusz Pelczar
The co-organizer of the contest
Out of the total 22 entries the jury picked 5 which attracted their particular attention. The jury claims it was not an easy choice. And now it’s time to reveal the results:

1st place (ex aequo)

2nd place (ex aequo)

3rd place
Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to all the participants who decided to share their CSR initiatives with us. Together with the list of winners we have included the relevant presentations to showcase the best examples of sustainability efforts among our suppliers and inspire others to follow suit.

The participants were informed of the results by e-mail. The contest enjoyed a warm welcome and the initiative was readily appreciated. Jean Francois Espinasse, Director of European Contract Sales in Camira Fabrics Ltd., offered an opinion about the contest and his collaboration with Nowy Styl:
Camira embarked on the journey of sustainability as a key enabler to our business model a long time ago, but it is really thanks to our customers like Nowy Styl who have been supporting us and spreading the message by promoting sustainable products which were not very well understood by the market place in the first instance.

In Nowy Styl we believe that sustainable business is the basis for long-term competitiveness and organisational safety. Corporate partnership is the best way to follow the Paris Agreement as a group. We also know that as a production company we have to consider the entire supply chain. That’s why we introduced the Supplier Code of Conduct, along with the Procurement Policy, and we initiate additional actions such as the abovementioned Supplier Sustainability Award. For us, the contest is a proof that together with our suppliers, we’re on the same page as regards sustainable development.

We wish them all the best in the further development of the Environmental and Local Community support projects and we invite them to take part in the next editions of the Nowy Styl Supplier Sustainability Award.

You can also read about our projects in the latest Sustainability Report.