FSC® Forest Week

  • 23-29 September: FSC® Forest WeekTrust the tree

Woods do have the power. Not only do they provide us with versatile raw materials for production, but they also filter the air we breathe, purify the water, prevent soil erosion, and are home to a number of plant and animal species. Trees effectively counteract climate change by storing CO2. As part of the “FSC® Forest Week” we would like to invite you to learn more about the woods and find out how we help protect them with the FSC® (FSC–C120977) certification.
How does our company take care of the forests?

Our mission is to ensure responsible use of wood resources in our production processes and to give equal priority to environmental, social and economic issues. Since 2009 we’ve been making efforts to this end, based on the FSC® certification.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international non-profit organisation for environmental protection, an association of forest land owners, social organisations and companies operating in the wood and paper processing industry. The organisation supports environment-friendly, socially beneficial and economically profitable management of global forest resources to maintain a balance between protecting the forest – its lifetime and biodiversity - and the demand of the present and future generations for wood.
Main underlying principles behind FSC®:
  • No deforestation – although you do fell down trees, forest area is not reduced over time.
  • Environmental protection –  FSC® standards require maintaining biodiversity and protecting valuable areas.
  • Respecting the rights of indigenous and local communities  - managing forests contributes to the lasting social and economic wellbeing of a specific society and forest workers.
  • Fair and safe working environment

FSC® principles must be followed at every stage of obtaining and processing the raw material – it all starts with controlling the forest plantations, manufacturing finished goods, packaging, distribution and sales. The reasoning behind the FSC certification system is that each link in this chain, each entity that assumes ownership of certified products, must have its own FSC CoC, and be regularly audited by third-party bodies. 
Benefits of obtaining the FSC® certificate

As part of the FSC® system, we impact the achievement of the UN Sustainability Goals and ensure compliance with the procurement policy in the public and private sector, which defines the materials from sustainable sources.

Nowy Styl offers a wide range of FSC®-certified products made of wood. Our products labelled with the FSC® logo include e.g.: Lupino, Njord, Embla or Creva. 

The FSC® certificate guarantees that products are made of wood from a sustainable source, which was subject to inspection regarding its management and distribution.
The FSC® Forest Week

FSC collaborates with certified entities, such as Nowy Styl, to highlight the significance of sustainable forest management and the important link between climate and woods. The collaboration is manifested for example during the annual seven-day event known as the FSC® Forest Week. 

This year it takes place between 23 and 29 September 2023. As we prepare for this week, we would like to invite all our employees and partners to join in by:
  • expanding their knowledge of FSC®, 
  • understanding the benefits of sustainable forest management, which elevates and improves environmental protection, protects biodiversity and climate change, and helps prevent adverse consequences of the latter,
  • observing product labels – it is possible to find a balance between obtaining wood and protecting the environment and it’s up to us!