Ergonomic workspace. How to work efficiently in the office and from home?

Working at your desk doesn’t have to (and actually shouldn’t) cause backache or impaired eyesight. A friendly, ergonomic work environment may prevent these ailments, and have a positive impact on your health and effectiveness at work. See our video cycle and find out how to create a perfect workstation in the office or at home, and explore the basic principles of healthy working.
Adjust your workstation 

An ergonomic workstation is a remedy for backache and pain in the neck and arms. Create a comfortable workspace in a few simple steps: 
•    Adjust your chair height, so that your knees are at an angle of 90°.
•    Adjust the seat depth.
•    Adjust the backrest height.
•    Unlock the backrest and adjust the tilt force.
•    Adjust the height and position of armrests. Your elbows should be at the same level as the desktop.
•    Adjust the headrest, so that it supports your head.

Watch the short video and see how to tackle it in practice!
Ergonomics for your home office 

Hybrid office? Working from home? You can also come up with an ergonomic workstation at home, with the furniture you have. 

Divide the space into four areas.
•    administrative;
•    communication;
•    regeneration;
•    focus.

This will help you focus on individual stages during the day, which in turn facilitates maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What if you don’t have ergonomic office equipment? Even if your desk doesn’t have the option of height adjustment and your chair is not exactly comfortable, you can still make do with what you have.  While you’re sitting, try to keep your knees at an angle of 90°. When working at the desk, make sure the upper edge of the screen is not too low. If it is, try propping it up with a few books. If the backrest of your chair does not offer sufficient spine support, use a pillow to provide some cushioning in the lower section of your back.

However, keep in mind that none of these solutions will guarantee the comfort and quality that come with a proper chair and regulated desk. 
4 steps to healthy working 

There are only 4 steps between you and healthy office work! Follow these simple rules to boost your everyday comfort.  

1: Create an ergonomic workstation
Make the most of the ergonomic potential of your workstation. Adjust the desk and chair to your needs. 

2: Switch positions 
You don’t have to spend the whole day sitting behind your desk. Switch positions: spend 50% of the time sitting, and 25% of the time standing. Walk for the remaining 25% of the time. 

3: Watch your eyesight
Once in every 20 minutes look up from the computer screen and gaze at some distant object, e.g. behind the window. Close your eyes for 20 seconds.

4: Do simple exercise 
After a prolonged period spent in a sitting position, let your body relax for a while. Leave your desk, stretch your back, arms and legs, and relax your wrists. Watch the video and see how to follow the 4 simple rules in practice to have a healthy routine at work.

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