Clerkenwell Design Week 2024: see the photos!

  • Clerkenwell Design Week 2024: see the photos!

Clerkenwell Design Week is one of the most important design festivals in the UK. During the event, leading global brands showcase their achievements. Among them were our two brands, Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co, whose joint London showroom is located in the heart of the Clerkenwell district and was refreshed especially for the occasion. Our guests were able to see the latest products, learn about creative solutions for the office space and test them for themselves.
Bound designed by Karim Rashid – an appreciated new arrival

Bound, the latest product from Kusch+Co, was the star of our new showroom. Bound is a soft seating collection comprises an armchair, sofa and table. Its reductive yet powerful design saturates any space with loads of emotions, making that place unforgettable.
I understand Bound in sense od bringing people together. Nice, beautiful, comfortable furniture is a catalyst or platform for gatherings.
Karim Rashid
Some of the many products that could be seen in our showroom during the event are: 
  • Genaya by brodbeck-koepp design is a soft seating series that offers the possibility of creating extremely versatile configurations, regardless of the size of the space. It was created with focus on simplicity.
  • Brainy is a mobile workstation for individual focused work that you can get ready yourself in just a few seconds. You will be surprised by its intuitive assembly, lightness and mobility.
  • WithME a chair created to meet the needs of a changing reality, adapting to each user. It outstands by reflecting 100% of new work dynamics where popularity of hybrid and agile workstyle is growing.
This is the third time we are taking part in Clerkenwell Design Week at our new showroom in the heart of the district. Our premium brand Kusch+Co is well recognised here. Our task is to make sure that London architects get to know and like our complementary brand to Kusch+Co – Nowy Styl – just as well.
Bartosz Karasiński
Marketing Department Director at Nowy Styl

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