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Axo line comprises chairs and table that are exceptionally easy to store, move, link and fit into any space.

Each model of the line comes in such a variety of options that arranging a conference or a lecture room is comfortable and easy.

Beside chairs and table, Axo line includes also benches for 2 and 3 users.

Designed by:

Jens Korte

  • Flexible and durable shell thanks to precisely shaped plywood

  • ​Variety of models

  • Upholstered pads for seat and backrest

  • Armrests with wooden pads

  • Folding writing tablet

  • Linking system to connect chairs into row

  • Self-adhesive or magnetic numbering for chairs

  • Stackability: chairs up to 10 pcs, tables up to 20 pcs

  • Cart for transporting stacked chairs and tables

  • Benches for 2 or 3 users

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Designer spotlight

Jens Korte
Jens Korte worked for the following design studios: Frogdesign (1987–91), Wiege (1993–97) and NPK Industrial Design (1997–99). Later, in 1993 he was involved in scientific work. Since 1999 he has been working as a freelance designer.

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