The showroom in Prague is a place where spatial concept combines a variety of elements to create a unique vibe. An industrial ceiling, warm colours, wood and concrete, a pronounced central section and separate zones in the open space – all these elements together account for a special experience of a perfect place for comfortable work and effective product display.

The showroom is located in DockINTHREE, a special space where a peaceful park with rivers close by meets the vibrant centre of a European metropolis. Dock In is “a city within a city” – Prague, district 8, full of shops, cafés and restaurants, with a nursery and its own marina. It is full of sparkling energy 24/7. Water, green plants around the buildings, and an adjacent park offer unlimited opportunities for active leisure. The showroom is energy-efficient and offers a healthy working environment. It is easily accessible by car, bike or public transport, which is an extra advantage.

The showroom in Prague is the first such place which can be visited immediately after you descend from a boat – it is located on the very bank of the Vltava river, in the trendy DOCK IN facility. Inside, you will see how the industrial raw design contrasts with warm textures and colours to create the unique vibe of this place.

The space has been designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Separate zones in the open space enable an unrestrained product display while retaining a sense of openness. Wooden elements make the space look warm and natural, while concrete adds a raw, modern vibe. Warm colours create a friendly, inspiring atmosphere.

Each detail matters in the Prague showroom. This is a place where you can experience a deliberate combination of various materials, colours and shapes, which comes across as a coherent, harmonious design.

This is also a place where you can experience how different elements and solutions affect the comfort and functionality of an office space, and find inspiration to introduce similar solutions in your own place.

Visit us in the showroom, where raw industrial design contrasts with warm textures and colours, creating a sense of inspiration and new possibilities. This is a place where you can see how modern solutions and design affect an office space and feel how important it is to come up with a proper setting for work and product display.
Dock In Three
​​Boudníkova 2506/1
180 00 Praha