The showroom in Munich is an embodiment of the Reunion concept, which strikes a balance between a professional office environment and closeness to nature. It is a future-oriented response to the dynamic changes in the working style, focused on promoting teamwork and integration. The unique office design prioritises team spirit, group work and integration. A major portion of the space is designed to facilitate communication, interaction, thought or information exchange, and teamwork.

The furniture can be easily rearranged to address the current needs of the team. This solution is a flexible and dynamic option to ramp up any office space. This is a place where employees can feel unrestrained and comfortable while enjoying free access to all the necessary tools and resources to be productive and effective at work.

The showroom is located in Hallbergmoos, ca. 25 km north of the centre of Munich, near the airport, which accounts for hassle-free access. The municipality is part of the Freising district, perched between the Isar and Goldach rivers. With its peaceful and friendly vibe, it is home to more than 10,000 inhabitants.

Each element in the Munich showroom has been deliberately chosen to guarantee functionality and comfort and to boost inspiration and creativity. Natural light, open spaces and green accents make the place fresh and lively, thus creating a favourable and friendly work environment, which promotes health and well-being.

This is where modern office solutions meet with environmental consciousness and an effort to promote human well-being. The showroom in Munich is more than just an office: it is a place where people can meet, collaborate and share visions and ideas, to work towards the future of their company and community.
Am Söldnermoos 6
85399 Hallbergmoos, München