POLAND, Gdansk

The Nowy Styl showroom in Gdańsk, located on the first floor of Olivia Prime, is a place that prioritises the comfort and well-being of its users. Although the area of 55 000 m² might be overwhelming, the building has a cosy vibe because of the deliberate spatial and functional design, coupled with customised interior arrangement. The all-glass ventilated three-pane façade ensures a constant flow of natural light and fresh air, which makes this building one of the best office facilities in Poland.

The showroom is bypassed by the main highway of the Oliwa district in Gdańsk. The location on the first floor in the first line of buildings at Aleja  Grunwaldzka guarantees excellent visibility of the facility and its logo on the façade, facing the main road. The inside has been divided into two zones, to match the flow of natural light. The entrance zone with the coffee bar and places for informal meetings has a laid-back vibe with its concrete textures, decorative lamps with neutral light colour, exclusive furniture by Kusch+co, and plants that can do with scarce light.

The work and formal meeting zone located near the glass façade is full of natural light and offers a view of the main road and neighbouring buildings. This zone includes a conference hall, an open space with workstations, a creativity zone and a chillout zone with furniture in specific different colour schemes to highlight the diverse functions of individual subzones. The element that brings together the whole interior design is an industrial black ceiling, oak veneer slates, ornamental elements made of black steel, and green plants suspended under the ceiling.

The showroom in Gdańsk displays a collection of solutions that make everyday work easier and more pleasant.

The visitors are greeted by the smell of freshly ground coffee, while warm colours and numerous seating solutions make it a perfect place for receiving guests or holding informal meetings. The Bauhaus-inspired conference hall is elegant and minimalistic with metal ornaments painted black, as a subtle reference to the Weimar school.

The Nowy Styl showroom in Gdańsk is a go-to place if you’re looking for inspiration and want to exchange ideas. This is where you can experience the quality and design of our products, feel the spirit of the brand, understand its philosophy and see what it stands for. The place highlights the advantages of a zoned office. It motivates and inspires you to create a better workspace – functional, aesthetic and user-friendly. Located in the modern Olivia Business Centre, our showroom is a bridge between the past and the present. It combines the best of both worlds, which makes it a perfect place for all those who appreciate quality, design and unique style.


Olivia Business Centre, bud. Prime A (1st floor)
ul. Grunwaldzka 472e
80-309 Gdańsk
The showroom will greet you with the scent of freshly ground coffee, because the entrance is right next to the bar. The place features warm colours and a number of seats to become a perfect meet & greet zone. It will also accommodate all informal meetings.
A space for more formal meetings was arranged in a large conference room, whose design is a refined echo of Bauhaus, with an elevated touch of minimalism. Metal ornaments painted black are a reference to the Weimar school, just like the carpet, which resembles a grid.
Oak slats are used to define individual zones within the showroom. This arrangement was inspired by wooden panelling observed in the decadent, modernist interiors in the early 20th century Poland. This element is an ornament as well as a functional solution. A border that divides and joins the office zones.
Joanna Perek
An architect in Nowy Styl