GERMANY, Düsseldorf

Colour strongly affects the comfort and vibe of an interior. You can feel it in our showroom in Düsseldorf. When designing this place, we wanted to come up with separate, customised workspaces for teams, so as to boost comfort and productiveness. The pronounced navy blue colour scheme used on the walls and carpets effectively draws attention away from the raw concrete setting, making the space warmer and more friendly.

The showroom in Düsseldorf is a space that perfectly combines a variety of functions. On the one hand, it is a display of the latest furniture solutions, on the other hand, it’s a functional office, where our teams can work on a daily basis. Electrifying blue accents are a trademark of this place. They fit in with the industrial interior.

Visitors will appreciate the clear-cut division of zones in the showroom. You will be greeted in the entrance zone, which takes you to the meeting spaces, workstations, and kitchen, and on to the creative zone, display and presentation/training rooms. Each of these zones has been carefully designed to meet different needs.

The concept behind this showroom was to create separate workplaces for different departments, which were previously housed on two storeys. Now, each team has their own dedicated room, which fosters communication and effective collaboration. Two functional kitchenettes – for clients and for the staff – are a perfect place to chill out during a working day.

The training and display zone combined with the creative zone is where you can look for inspiration and learn about the latest trends in office design. The raw concrete interior is made cosy thanks to the pronounced navy blue colour, which dominates the showroom. In the back office, you will see lighter shades of blue, and in the administrative zone, we opted for green to make the place fresh and energetic.

We also reached for black, because it fits in with the industrial vibe of the interior, making it expressly modern and elegant. The showroom in Düsseldorf is a place where raw concrete meets with warm colours, and functionality combines with aesthetics to create a perfect working environment, where we can present the latest office solutions.

Visit us in Düsseldorf, and see how colour and deliberate design affect the comfort and functionality of an interior. Be inspired and discover new ideas for interior design in our showroom.
Neumannstraße 8-10
40235 Düsseldorf