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On June 14, 2024, OIC will remain closed due to funeral ceremonies.

Welcome to our flagship showroom in Cracow, where you can discover the world of innovative office solutions, designed in line with the latest trends. See the space where functionality meets aesthetics to create an inspiring work environment.

While you visit our showroom, you will explore our vision of the workspace, which reflects our involvement in customised office solutions. See for yourself how versatile furniture and décor and transform any office into a place that fosters effective collaboration, creativity and teamwork.

A well-designed office space will support your everyday efforts. Our qualified and experienced staff will guide you through the process and explain the ergonomic principles underpinning the design process and intuitive workspace planning. Find out how a proper combination of furniture, lighting and acoustics can boost your productivity and wellbeing.

We can proudly admit we create offices that conform to functional requirements and appeal to the senses. Enter our showroom and see how deliberately designed elements engage all the five senses, and create a comfortable, cosy workspace. From aesthetic values to comfort and ergonomics - each detail has been carefully planned to improve your workplace experience.

Office Inspiration Centre is a gem among our showrooms. It reflects our involvement in innovation and excellence. The showroom includes three separate zones: the meeting zone, the office zone and the workshop zone. Each of them offers a unique perspective on how our office solutions have the ability to transform various spaces to satisfy specific needs.

Explore the meeting zone, where modern conference room setups strike a perfect balance between functionality and style. Discover our versatile furniture, which can be easily adjusted to various meeting scenarios, to support collaboration and effective communication.

The office zone presents a number of workstations designed to match various working styles. From ‘open space’ to dedicated individual workstations — here you will find solutions that prioritise flexibility, privacy and comfort. See how our furniture solutions support productivity and boost the employees’ satisfaction.

Last but not least, the workshop zone showcases the versatility and flexibility of our office solutions. Discover how you can easily change the setup of our furniture to create a dynamic space that fosters collaboration. Witness a transformation of a traditional workplace into a centre of creativity, which promotes innovation and a free flow of ideas.

Visit the Nowy Styl showroom in Cracow, and we will take you on a tour of the latest trends in office design. Enter our flagship centre and let us guide you through the process of creating a functional, aesthetic and stimulating workspace. 
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31-342 Krakow

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