TEB Edukacja

TEB Edukacja

Poland, Poznań

A TEB Edukacja office in Poznań with a splash of colour!

TEB Edukacja Sp. z o.o. is a leader in the private secondary and higher education sector with 30 years’ presence in 46 Polish cities. The company organises education in post-secondary schools, medical and technical schools, grammar schools for adolescents and adults, as well as vocational courses and certified training sessions. 

In Grunwald, a district of Poznań, there’s a modern 4-storey office building. The employees can now enjoy a new place, which is perfect in its simplicity, and warm thanks to a deliberate splash of colour.  It was a special project for the client. Creating your own office is a task that calls for effort and hard work. The new office space focuses on ergonomic workstations.
Navigo chairs are functional and comfortable, and when properly adjusted, they can form the basis for office ergonomics. Coupled with bSpace desks and side containers, they make up for a comfortable office setting. 
We came up with the vision of this office together with our distributor, Bryła Plus, who offered enormous support in choosing the products and bridging the gaps in customer relations. Together, we developed a modern, ergonomic office to accommodate 150 employees.  The client decided to trust the quality of our products, which will stay with the staff for years to come
Natalia Samsel-Dados
Senior Sales Manager at Nowy Styl
The client displayed a lot of courage when choosing the colours for the office interior. The whole space is a splash of colour because, on top of the classic combination of white and wood, we have upholstery, chairs, balls and acoustic panels in different colours in each office. This place is anything but boring!

Sectors Education

Number of workstations 150

Area 1200 m²

1.    To create a comfortable and functional space, where people like to come and stay.
2.    To design an office whose character matches the educational sector.
3.    To match upholstery colours, so that the outcome is a consistent yet colourful space
1.    Versatile furniture, such as bSpace desks and ergonomic Navigo chairs.
2.    Classic style with a splash of colour – that was the vision for this project.
3.    Upholstery colours: from red, to blue and green, to match the classic combination of white and wood.

1.    An ergonomic office that caters to the needs of every employee.
2.    A colourful office space with a positive vibe.
3.    An office adjusted to a diverse work model.

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