Richter Gedeon Chemical Factory

Richter Gedeon Chemical Factory Co., Ltd.

Hungary, Budapest

Richter Gedeon Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. is one of Hungary's most important pharmaceutical companies and one of the largest employers in the country. The company's history dates back to 1901 when the founder, pharmacist Richter Gedeon, purchased a pharmacy and established the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry in its laboratory.
During the modernization of one of the old buildings in the vast pharmaceutical complex, Nowy Styl helped with furnishing the spaces. The uniqueness of the project is that, as a pharmaceutical company, they created various healthcare and office areas in the building. The four-story building has two office floors with open office spaces, meeting rooms, dining areas, communal spaces, and focus rooms. The building also serves as a venue for education and lectures, so it was important to create multifunctional spaces with agile furniture solutions. In addition, Nowy Styl's furniture supports medical work in the waiting and consultation rooms on the two medical floors.

Thanks to well-thought-out planning and properly selected furniture, a user-friendly workplace has been created that supports employees in performing their daily tasks.

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