Poland, Szczecin

Nemera Szczecin Sp. z o.o.  is part of a global group operating in the medical sector. The company specialises in the design, development, and production of injection equipment, as well as comprehensive support in the introduction of modern and intuitive devices for administering medications. Nemera products are innovative solutions based on extensive research.
This innovative and dynamically growing company decided to choose unique and ergonomic solutions for the new office.
We wanted to arrange our offices with the support of the best specialists, who offer great solutions. Nowy Styl was a perfect partner from day one. Their experts understood our needs and displayed a professional level of involvement while working hand in hand with us to implement our mission. The team was very responsive and flexible in responding to any modifications. The experts proposed many ideas in line with our requirements and within our budget.
Paweł Ginał
Plant Purchasing Manager Nemera Szczecin
One of the challenges posed by the newly designed office was to adjust the place to match the needs of different employee groups, without losing the company’s vision and culture. Thanks to the effort and involvement of best-in-class specialists, we have created a modern, user-friendly workspace. The new office fosters unrestrained communication, as well as an exchange of ideas and inspiration, but it also accommodates focus work.   
Our collaboration with Nemera has been effective and successful from the start. The Client prioritises ergonomics and comfort. The employees also had a say in the matter: they could choose an electric height adjustment desk and an ergonomic chair.  The entire office design relies on the classic combination of white and grey, with an addition of warm wood, and the characteristic Nemera flagship colour - orange.  
Natalia Samsel-Dados
Senior Sales Manager Nowy Styl
The project found a perfect final touch in the set of images showcasing the most characteristic places in Szczecin. These graphics on the walls have made the interior more friendly and given it a distinct local vibe, which means both employees and clients will find it a comfortable and inspiring space.

Sectors Medical

Number of workstations 90

Spaces 2,500 m²

1.    Coming up with a solution that meets the Client’s expectations.
2.    Meeting the employees’ expectations and letting them have a say in the choice of office furniture.
3.    Creating a deliberate office design, which reflects the character and culture of the company. 
1.    Listening to the Client’s wishes, and responding to any changes in the concept.
2.    Choosing workstations with an electric height adjustment desk eUP 2 and an ergonomic Viden chair.
3.    Coming up with a concept and colour scheme based on the Client’s branding and the character of the city where the head office is located.

1.    An office space that lives up to the Client’s expectations.
2.    Ergonomic, comfortable, and inviting space for the employees, which is designed to encourage them to attend the office.
3.    An office that includes characteristic elements of the Client’s branding and highlights the company’s commitment to the city they are based in.

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