Allianz | Euler Hermes

Allianz | Euler Hermes

Poland, Warsaw

Allianz Trade is a global leader in trade credit insurance, contract insurance, and other related financial services. The company focuses on supporting business growth.
Positive collaboration with the Client, coupled with the involvement visible at each stage of office creation, resulted in an innovative and functional workspace.
The office follows the trends originating from the hybrid work model and the long experience of the pandemic. At the same time, it is a far cry from the standard and traditional office layout. That’s why each employee can find a space suited to their everyday tasks.
The head office in Warsaw is not the first project we’ve implemented together. Our previous collaboration was a positive experience, which means the Client has decided to trust Nowy Styl. Allianz Trade is a well-informed, aware Client, who knows what they need. We have supported them in the process of creating a modern, flexible, and attractive office space. I’m proud I could be part of this interesting project, where the proposed furniture solutions perfectly match the Client’s needs. The concept was rather complex, so the deadline was a major challenge. Nevertheless, we did our best to prove that we’re a reliable and trustworthy partner. 
Małgorzata Mikiciak
Senior Sales Manager Nowy Styl
In their new office, the employees of Allianz Trade have an attractive and comfortable reception space, open workspaces with perfect acoustic and ergonomic properties, a lot of plants, rooms for formal and informal meetings, a kitchen, and a chillout zone. A notable novelty is the Coffee Point. This place serves as an icebreaker during the first contact with a new customer. In this setting, it is much easier to establish and foster rapport.
The office is designed to facilitate effective work, but also moments of relaxation, so that the employees can release their creative potential, enthusiasm, and desire to act. Modern décor combined with a warm, homely atmosphere will encourage people to attend the office, boost their energy, and inspire them to make the most of the time they spend at work.

Sectors Insurance

Number of workstations 180

Spaces 2500 m²

1.    Coming up with an office that meets the expectations of an insurance company.
2.    Creating an attractive, ergonomic space for employees.
3.    Providing a range of zones for big and small meetings.
1.    Office design adjusted to the users’ needs and working style.
2.    Ergonomic Navigo chairs and height adjustment desks, eUP.
3.    Solutions for the meeting zones: Hexa, Tilkka, Tauko, CS5040. 

1.    A modern, comfortable office, which is a flagship facility of the company.
2.    Improved working conditions and higher efficiency of the call centre staff.
3.    A space that offers a variety of zones for individual and team work.

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