Wool - inherently beautiful and noble

  • Wool - inherently beautiful and noble

Far, far away lies the Land Of The Long White Cloud – in Maori: Aotearoa. This is where sheep graze on juicy green grass. And there are 5 times more sheep than people there. Soft wool has excellent cooling properties when it’s hot, and when it gets colder, it keeps the animals warm. Once a year the sheep are sheared. That’s how we can all grab a piece of New Zealand, and enjoy the comfort derived from the Nature. You can also have a share in this experience, even if you’re working in the city.

Although the fibres may seem delicate and fragile, they have an incredible healing and protective power. So far it was impossible to recreate in any laboratory. It’s inimitable. Gentle yet durable. This unique combination of properties means wool upholsteries can withstand even the most demanding conditions. They are perfect for conference rooms, where heated debates take place, or for a cost and pleasant home office.

Nature's power

Shrek – that was the name of the sheep famous for hiding for 6 years in the mountains of New Zealand to avoid shearing. When it was finally found, it had 26 kilogrammes of surplus wool! Shearing has been a ritual in New Zealand for years now. It is always performed at the same time of the year. The procedure is beneficial and one hundred per cent safe for the animals. The sheep are sheared once a year, so as to guarantee hygiene and comfort (e.g. when it’s hot).

Wool is quality. The softest wool is obtained from lambs. After shearing the wool is sorted by colour, durability and length. Then it’s washed with soap and cleaned of grass and other residues. Each batch is whisked off to a lab, where it’s tested. If the test results are positive, the wool is certified and good to go. Wool offers a range of diverse sensations when you touch it.

Worsted wool is smooth and regular thanks to the parallel arrangement of long fibres braided into tight ropes. On the other hand, carded wool has a more pronounced texture and bigger volume, because the fibres are layered.

The art of colouring is another story – the effects will vary depending on the stage of the dyeing process. In order to achieve a melange pattern, you dye loose fibres. If you choose to dye finished fabric, the colour will be even-toned.

Spinning the yarn

The intricate manufacturing process is just one of the reasons why wool is widely recognised as a top quality material. The other reason is its functionality! Natural wax known as lanolin effectively absorbs odours and offers excellent protection from dust mites and permanent stains. If you happen to stain your couch, you don’t have to worry. The stain can be easily removed, before it has had a chance to go deeper into the fabric structure.

Why do Scandinavians choose woollen outfits when they go hiking in the mountains? Wool does not absorb sweat and has great moisture-wicking properties, which means it’s very hygienic. It can be used as the upholstery for your favourite armchair, because it’s perfect for any season and temperature.

What is interesting, it’s also naturally flame resistant - that’s why it is compliant with strict office fire standards. Even if you place it close to a flame (e.g. a candle), it won’t catch fire. Instead, it melts and drips.

Made to last

Since wool is a natural resource, it’s renewable and recyclable. What is more, our suppliers never use toxic chemicals in the dyeing process. By choosing woollen upholstery, you take a step towards sustainability.

You will enjoy this awareness even more if you know that wool offers long-lasting quality. It’s also hassle-free as regards maintenance and cleaning. All you have to remember about is regular vacuuming. Most stains can be removed with a soft cloth and a drop of lukewarm water. If you need to use a detergent, choose one with a neutral PH, intended for fabric or dishes.

Beautiful but itchy?

Does real wool feel itchy on your skin? It may, if it’s made with short fibres and skip the combing stage. Then what you get is shaggy wool. You may be surprised to learn it’s apparently good for your health, because it boosts your circulation. Natural materials such as wood or wool are timeless and always in fashion. Check out how nice it is to bring a part of nature to your space by choosing a chair with woollen upholstery: Fame, Blazer, Synergy or Remix.