A Word About Acoustics Part 1: Sounds around us

  • A Word About Acoustics Part 1: Sounds around us

Acoustics impacts the comfort of people in a space and the processes these people are involved in. What exactly is sound and how does it affect us? What challenges are related to office acoustics and how do you address them? Welcome to the world of sounds – an inherent element of all the spaces we create for our Clients, trying to meet all their needs. In the section titled A Word About Acoustics, acoustic consultants from Nowy Styl will tell you more about how important sound is in the office space and how to make it work for you. 

Sounds around us 
We are literally surrounded by all sorts of sounds. Sound is an omnipresent companion in our everyday lives. We’ve grown so used to it that we probably fail to realise how many functions and properties it has. The sounds of nature or music are a source of pleasure. Thanks to sounds we can talk to each other or alarm others when necessary. Sound waves are also used in industry or medicine.

Although some acoustic sensations are pleasant, others can be undesirable. For example noise. It can be just a nuisance or a serious issue, depending on the quality, volume and individual perception. What is tolerable for one person will be trouble for another. Noise is mostly subjective.

There are certain objective sound parameters we rely on to analyse and evaluate the acoustic aspect of any space. Experts have come up with recommendations and standards to define e.g. the reverberation time, needed for the sound to fade away in an enclosed area. This is one of the basic parameters used to describe the acoustic properties of a closed space. If the recommended values are exceeded, the users are likely to experience discomfort, the office itself will become a noisy place, and it will be hard to make out spoken words. 

To improve the overall acoustic quality of an office space, you need to address the individual parameters. 

We can obtain the necessary data to work on from acoustic measurements. But when you don’t have to use precise or advanced data, you can be satisfied with a simulation or simple calculations. Our specialists will be only too happy to help evaluate the acoustic properties of your space and select appropriate solutions. We will come up with a report with suggested acoustic treatment. Depending on the option you choose, we will prepare our report based on measurements, simulations or calculations.

It’s good to remember that office design doesn’t end with the visual or functional aspect. We also get to choose the sound quality. We know how to design sound in the office and we can help you do it! 

The text prepared by Katarzyna Bereźnicka, Acoustics Consultant at Nowy Styl

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