Our new showroom in Sennwald: 1600 m2 of modern workspace

  • Our new showroom in Sennwald: 1600 m2 of modern workspace

The place in Sennwald was used by our staff in Switzerland as an office and a showroom. It was originally designed 7 years ago for a local medium-sized business. WA lot has changed since then, and the Swiss Sitag brand was acquired by Nowy Styl, the current leader in the office furniture industry. That’s why the showroom needed not only a refurbishment but a brand-new beginning. Find out more about the challenging project and see how we redesigned the vast showroom in Sennwald.

A space full of natural light

We have exposed the skylight to illuminate the interior. The walls, ceilings and floors feature a lot of light colours and shades of white, which reflect even the scarce light on cloudy days. Natural light means we could also introduce live plants. This is a reference to the recent trend known as biophilic design, but its key advantage is the positive impact of plants on the people who work in the showroom.

The plants were placed on a white steel construction, which is also a decorative element and serves to highlight the industrial character of the building. Next to the reception desk, there is a zone focused on new products, with a podium made of corten steel. The rust on the steel cover is actually an advantage this time.
We love what we admire and what we can’t change

Blue windows and construction beams under the ceiling are a memento of the previous showroom. Some liked them, others didn’t, but nobody could help noticing them. We decided to leave them as they were, and match the new interior colours to the existing elements. That’s how we obtained a consistent, yet unique and eye-catching design.

We also wanted to make a symbolic statement to refer to the traditional Swiss architecture and the local nature. That’s why we put a camo carpet in the office zone: it is as if the green meadows flew in from the nearby mountains. Another reference is the painting with a mountain range in the chillout zone.
At Nowy Styl, we focus on a professional approach, but also a modern attitude to work. We have considerable experience in arranging office space, and the new showroom is perfect proof of that. It was a great pleasure to tackle a space which was supposed to address a range of expectations, needs and limitations. Summing up, it’s a project focused on love: love for what we admire and what we cannot change. 
Patrycja Szumilas
Architect, author of the showroom design
All the ingredients of a modern workspace

In the new Nowy Styl, Sitag and Kusch+Co showroom, there are 4 conference halls of various sizes, 2 focus rooms and several open spaces to accommodate ad hoc meetings. There is also a cosy kitchenette, a creative work zone, a chillout space and a library, and an open space with benches and lockers for the employees. 

One of the most interesting solutions in the showroom is the Agile zone with a swing and mobile furniture, which can be rearranged as needed. You will definitely notice the mock-up zone – a spacious, versatile space with projectors and shelves designed to display new products. This is a place where we present various furniture solutions.
In one of the conference rooms, there is a painting by Harald Oskar Naegeli, known as the Sprayer of Zurich. He usually works at night, visiting buildings and painting characteristic shapes and figures on the walls. The images are a reference to nature. While graffiti used to be regarded as anarchistic, nowadays it is seen as an important element of the urban landscape.

The new showroom in Sennwald is a modern up-to-date office concept, full of the best architectural solutions and top products by Nowy Styl, Kusch+Co and Sitag by Nowy Styl. This is an innovative workspace, which supports teamwork and showcases various products in practice. It is an aesthetic and acoustically comfortable office space with lots of natural light, beautiful views from the windows and a strong biophilic component inside. The showroom and the office are separate, but together they form a consistent design. The renovated and redesigned space now comes across as a professional, international and modern venue.
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