Office yoga break

  • An office yoga break: see the video and see how to keep fit and healthy at work

Asanas - special yoga positions - are helpful and comforting when a variety of ailments make your life harder. Pain in the neck or backache is frequently experienced by people who work behind the desk. That’s why exercise is vital in your everyday practice. It’s enough to spend a few minutes doing simple exercises to see the effects immediately – yoga is perfect for eliminating muscle tension and recurring pain resulting from staying seated for a long time.
The benefits of yoga 

Working out with your colleagues is a great form of integration. A brief yoga practice can be a nice chillout and a break from arduous tasks. It is a simple way of ensuring balance at work.

Yoga gives you a shot of energy, keeps your mind fresh, and prepares you to face the challenges of a working day. It also has a series of purely physical benefits: it prevents and soothes muscle pain, especially in your neck and wrists - those who spend long hours working away at the computer will know what it means. There’s no better form of activity than yoga if you want to stretch and soothe your spine after a few hours behind the desk. A fifteen-minute break for a short yoga practice is enough to eliminate discomfort and strengthen your back muscles. 

It also keeps your mind away from troublesome thoughts and exhausting tasks, so that you can return to your work after a while - relaxed, refreshed, and more creative.

How to start yoga practice in the office 

You don’t need any specialist equipment or even a yoga mat to start a short practice in your office. It’s enough to rely on what is already there: your desk and chair.

Join us today in a yoga practice with Karolina –  a certified Vinyasa Krama Yoga instructor. Vinyasa is  smooth movement combined with rhythmic breathing. The practice will include asanas that involve various muscle groups and guarantee energy flow through the whole body. The main focus of this practice will be working on the sides of your body, shoulders and back leg muscles. In the end, we will enjoy a relaxing meditation. 
We hope the practice will help you relax your body and inspire you to take breaks during your working day, get up from your desk and move around. 

And it only takes 10 minutes! You can do it every day when you need a short break. Your body will be grateful for this small effort!