Nowy Styl in the Ranking of Responsible Companies 2020

  • Nowy Styl in the Ranking of Responsible Companies 2020

At Nowy Styl, we act responsibly. Our company's sustainability initiatives have been acknowledged in a number of CSR competitions and rankings. For World Environment Day, we made ourselves a unique gift: we ranked 7th in the industry in the Ranking of Responsible Companies.
Results of the Ranking of Responsible Companies were announced yesterday at a conference Positive Business in Poland: Passion, Innovation, and Responsibility held online on Kozminski Business Hub’s Facebook profile. Nowy Styl took the 7th place out of companies involved in industrial production. We scored a whopping 30 points more than last year.
With each edition, the questions cover an ever-wider scope of sustainability, so we are pleased that Nowy Styl’s results are getting better. We keep raising the bar for ourselves every year by obtaining various certificates such as CO2 Performance Ladder or EcoVadis silver medal. We believe that this will result in an even better position in the ranking in the coming years.
Barbara Kokoszka-Bugla
Brand and CSR Strategy Coordinator at Nowy Styl
The Ranking of Responsible Companies is a list of companies operating in Poland which have been evaluated for the quality of their corporate social responsibility management system. The ranking allows companies to reliably assess their sustainability activities and is a valuable educational tool. The ranking is organised by Kozminski Business Hub, and its partners include Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte, which is responsible for verifying application questionnaires.