Comfortable and inspiring - see the video from the musical project completed by Forum

  • Comfortable and inspiring - see the video from the musical project completed by Forum

How to combine Neo-Gothic architecture with a vision of a dynamic city? That was the challenge faced by the architects from Konior Studio joined by specialists from Forum by Nowy Styl, who were asked to come up with a space supporting the growth of young students of classical music.

Forum by Nowy Styl has provided seats for the main concert hall – the heart of this facility – as well as chamber music and organ halls of No. 1 Public Music School Complex in Warsaw. Our furniture was the final touch added to the interior designed by Tomasz Konior and his team of architects. For the Music School we envisaged Tiago Etiuda and Foster models, paired with soft seating from the Tepee line and Cafe chairs. The old meets the new in this architectural concept: you will notice how the history and tradition of the building is complemented by the modern interior design. This dichotomy was the main idea underlying this project. The four-storey red brick building is 100 years old. Our joint efforts gave it a new life and the visitors can now enjoy a new and outstanding point on the concert map of Warsaw. The facility has become a modern, comfortable and convenient place where talented youth can grow and expand their skills.

The building of the music school also includes shared spaces and administrative offices - all of them are now complete with the furniture by Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co by Nowy Styl.

Our products are now showcased in the spacious glazed atrium, which is a symbolic link between the historical part of the building with the one added more recently.

Durability, resistance, premium materials and excellent craftsmanship – these qualities earned us the architects’ recognition. We are also happy that the experience gained during major projects related to cultural venues makes us a reliable and trustworthy business partner for specialists in this segment.
This is not the first project we complete together. This is yet another occasion when we decided to draw on the extensive experience Forum can boast. (…) In the chamber music halls we used seats in different colours to highlight their individual character. But it’s the large concert hall that is the heart of this building and the underlying element of the whole assumption. Paired with sophisticated architecture and natural materials, the furniture is a perfect finishing touch of the whole project.
Tomasz Konior
Senior Architect at Konior Studio

Although the project was complex, the investor’s requirements were met. And so were the expectations of numerous partners involved in the project.

We believe that the setting we created in the new music school will help young people grow and develop their talents. Hopefully, we will soon hear the alumni perform in the most acclaimed music venues in the world.
The work on this project lasted nearly 2 years. It was a time of intense debates, consulting sessions aimed at finding optimum solutions to ensure that the project assumptions are achieved in terms of acoustics and functionality. We even reached out to an acoustic studio to find extra support.
Katarzyna Dybała
Sales Manager at Forum by Nowy Styl
  • Challenges

    1. Furnishing characteristic interiors that combine historical style with dynamic modernity. 2. Seats that combine functionality with aesthetics and satisfy strict requirements, also with respect to acoustic properties – as is the case with most concert and organ halls.
  • Solutions

    1. Involvement of Forum specialists with diverse competences; detailed material tests and research. 2. Collaboration with experts in acoustics (Nagata Acoustic) and the architectural studio of Tomasz Konior, so as to come up with the best concept for the interior design.
  • Results

    1. Modern concert halls, which conform to the highest aesthetic and acoustic standards, furnished with durable, comfortable seats. 2. Interiors that support the everyday functioning of the school.

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