Charity Ball

  • Charity ball: 25 years with Nowy Styl

Saturday, 13th January, was a special date in our calendar. This is the 25. time Nowy Styl organised a ball for the children and youth from orphanages and educational and care facilities in the Podkarpacie region. The event was attended by a special guest: Santa came to hand round Christmas gifts to address the most urgent needs of families, facilities and local charities. 

The charity ball was first organised in 2000. The highlight of this event is distributing gifts funded by our company. Since it’s a ball, there is also music, dancing, exquisite outfits and extra attractions. 

On this occasion, about 1000 children from Podkarpacie were invited to the sports and entertainment hall in Krosno. They were wards of educational and care facilities. During the ball, we announced the results of two competitions: for the best page out of a diary and the best outfit.  

We are a multinational business, but we never forget about our roots. That’s why we focus on supporting the local community. This is the first time I have attended a charity ball, and I’m deeply moved. We are already planning the next editions. 
Bartosz Karasiński
Marketing Director at Nowy Styl

Many attractions were waiting for the guests at the ball: the photo booth, painting faces, painted tattoos, inflatable castle, workshops in gift wrapping, building blocks and a chillout zone. All of this was complemented by a super-friendly atmosphere and delicious food.  

The highlight of this event was the arrival of Santa, accompanied by Bartosz Karasiński, our Marketing Director. Together, they handed out Christmas gifts to the representatives of all the invited facilities and organisations. The gifts were funded by Nowy Styl, as usual. This year’s requests focused on cash for the statutory activity of the charities and the current needs of the individual facilities. We also threw in some office furniture for good measure.

Also, we were not alone in our efforts. A few other organisations gave us a hand with the preparation of this event:
Dreamlandia (event organisation),
Warsztatolandia (creative workshops, wooden blocks and magnetic building blocks),
Tuban (Tubi Jelly workshops),
Stowarzyszenie Ludzi Pozytywnych – Halcyon (volunteers),
Szok (stage, lighting, sound). 

Explore the photos from the charity ball, while we already start thinking of the next edition! 

See photos from the event