Changes in the Nowy Styl Management Board

  • Changes in the Nowy StylManagement Board

Nowy Styl, one of Europe's leaders in the furniture industry, has announced changes in the Management Board. Adam Krzanowski, co-founder and President, and Rafał Chwast, Vice President, will be joined by Małgorzata Naparło and Paweł Smaś as Board Members. The decision follows Roman Przybylski's departure from the organisation, who has decided to take up new challenges and leave the company.
I had the pleasure to work with Roman from the first days of his professional career. I would like to thank Roman for over 20 years of work at Nowy Styl and his huge contribution to the development of the company. I wish Roman much success in the next stages of his career.

Business life abhors a vacuum and Roman Przybylski's decision to take up new professional challenges in another industry gave us the impulse to rethink the structure in which we have been operating for years. We are even happier that we have built an organization that is able to select a team at such an express pace to manage the Nowy Styl group and give it an impetus for a next development phase
Adam Krzanowski
Co-founder of the company and CEO of Nowy Styl
  • Adam Krzanowski
    CEO & Co-founder of Nowy Styl
  • Rafał Chwast
    Vice President of the Board of Nowy Styl and President of the Board of Nowy Styl International 
  • Małgorzata Naparło
    Member of the Board at Nowy Styl, Executive Vice President of Nowy Styl International
  • Paweł Smaś
    Member of the Board at Nowy Styl
After the changes, from 14th September 2023, the Management Board of Nowy Styl consists as before: Adam Krzanowski – co-owner of the company and President of the Board of Nowy Styl, and Rafał Chwast – Vice President of the Board of Nowy Styl and President of the Board of Nowy Styl International. Rafał Chwast is also going to take on the role of CCO (Chief Commercial Officer).

At the same time, two new members join the Board:
Małgorzata Naparło (45)
She has worked for Nowy Styl for 19 years. From the beginning of the career she’s been responsible for customer care. In 2016 she took over as the customer care manager for Poland and for all our foreign subsidiaries. In 2018 she was appointed member of the Nowy Styl Executive Team. Małgorzata has been actively participating in the integration of acquired companies in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and for managing the international structures of the entire group.

Małgorzata Naparło studied Economics at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, and graduated from Alpha Beta College Australia (Advanced Diploma of Accounting). She participated in managerial courses and M&A training in Poland (ICAN Institute) and in the United States: New York University and Columbia Business School. 

She’s married and has three children: a daughter and two sons. She loves travelling and enjoys beautiful flowers. She believes flowers make you feel good in any season of the year. They lift up your spirits and give you good vibes.

Małgorzata Naparło will be acting as a Member of the Management Board of Nowy Styl and Vice President of the Management Board of Nowy Styl International.
Paweł Smaś (48)
He has been working for Nowy Styl for more than 20 years. Since 2011 he has been involved in integration programmes designed for foreign companies acquired by Nowy Styl. He was one of the managers responsible for the creation of the Research and Development Centre at Nowy Styl. For the past 5 years he has been in charge of the Technical Section of our company, including the Research and Development Centre created in October 2018. In 2018 he was appointed member of the Nowy Styl Executive Team. 

Paweł Smaś holds a PhD in technical sciences. He studied at the Mechanics Department at the Kraków University of Technology and graduated from the Innovation Academy at ICAN Institute. In 2006-2007 he worked on the construction of the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)  in Geneva. He wrote and co-wrote a number of scientific publications.

He’s married and has two children. He enjoys skiing, playing tennis and exploring the history of World War II.

Paweł Smaś will hold the position as Member of the Management Board of Nowy Styl.
Roman Przybylski will remain in the company until the end of November, transferring his duties.