Break The Code: explore our own office fashion collection

  • Break The Code: explore our own office fashion collection

Together with the fashion designer Julia Fusiecka we have come up with a new interpretation of office classics. The collection is titled Break The Code and was designed to highlight the role of apparel in the new office reality. See what the contemporary dress code can look like.
In autumn 2019 the cover of the Italian edition of the “Vogue” magazine featured a photo of a collection by a fashion designer Julia Fusiecka. The collection titled The Court, Court n°1 was her graduation project. One of the elements of the background décor was Abacus - a stadium chair and a flagship product by Forum by Nowy Styl. We soon got in touch with the artists to learn more about the project.
During this meeting we talked about office fashion and how it impacts our effectiveness or confidence. We also referred to the limitations of the official dress code. We decided to challenge the formal convention together.
Przemysław Różowicz
Brand Management Director at Nowy Styl
Halfway through last year, when we opened our showroom in Warsaw, ul. Jutrzenki, we saw it as the opportunity to address this plan and start the collaboration . In the showroom you could see furniture that suits the needs of a contemporary office setting – a dynamic, mobile space divided into various zones designed for different types of activities. This is a space adjusted to the new reality, where an office is used mainly as a meeting place. This is how the Warsaw showroom became an inspiration for the fashion designer.

The starting point for this capsule collection* was a classic suit. However, the designer decided to make it fresh and sporty. To this end, Julia Fusiecka introduced e.g. ruched details in the female blazer – this technical procedure is known from sports fashion – while the male outfit was based on a smart sweatshirt made of ribbed wool fabric with high neck and a 1/2 zip. The design drew on a traditional blazer, but was a lightweight version of the classic staple.

The result was truly agile, ready to face diverse challenges as they crop up during a regular business day. This model is a new standard for the youngest generation, that’s why our collection is addressed mainly to people aged 25-34. And that’s why the figures designed by Julia Fusiecka could be featured in a variety of contexts – from formal situations to parties. 
The female outfit is composed of a few elements, e.g. a blazer, a vest, trousers and a skirt to go on top, so that you can quickly mix and match individual parts depending on the situation. As regards the male outfit, it shows a unique balance between formal and laid-back style.
Julia Fusiecka
We are not trying to enter the fashion industry, that’s why the collection is just for show – claims Przemysław Różowicz. – We believe, however, that our role is to look at offices from a variety of perspectives and initiate discussions focused on aspects other than office furniture. The collection was designed to highlight the need to adjust fashion to the new function and arrangement of the office settings.

He adds: – The collection does not ignore the tradition, but includes a specific vibe that appeared together with the youngest generation and the new reality. This generation wants to find their own way also as regards the dress code. This is also why the collection was titled “Break The Code.”
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Julia Fusiecka (born in 1991) – graduated from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. Apart from Break The Code, she has created two other collections inspired by the history of tennis – The Court, Court n°1 and Court n°2. Julia’s talent was noticed by specialists in Poland and abroad. On an everyday basis Julia works as a designer for 4F, where she creates Olympic collections for the Polish Olympic Committee and other European committees, and she comes up with fashion designs for professional sports performers, such as the tennis player, Łukasz Kubot.
A capsule collection is a mini-collection including a few items linked by a common theme.
Fashion designer: Julia Fusiecka
Showroom architect: Dominika Wyderska – Nowy Styl
Photography: Magda Wieczorek
Video: Robert Turek (@rob_turek), Magda Wieczorek (@magda_wieczorek)
Make up and hair: Anita Zaboroś (@a_z_makeup_)
Cooperation: Dawid Iwaniec, Dominika Przygoda – Nowy Styl
Light assistant: Kamil Toster Ślaziński (@toster_slazinski)