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    XiliumG swivel chair DUO-BACK RED Nowy Styl
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Millions of gamers. Amateurs and professionals choose a full bucket seat like in racing cars. We want to change the approach. We want to redefine what it should be. We want the gaming chair to serve it purpose. Not just ‘be’.​

The players of x-kom Ago team have already found out THAT IT MAKES SENSE!

x-kom AGO Polish professional Counter-Strike players tested XiliumG chairs while preparing and practicing for the prestigious ESL PRO LEAGUE in 2022. Weeks of hard work, 380 hours of training to succeed. To challenge the best teams in the world.​

Freely movement

Our patented backrest function X-MOVE not only enables side-to-side movement and dynamic sitting but also makes that backrest follow your body movements.

Multifunctional armrests

XD armrests adjust multi-dimensionally, boosting the convenience of working with a computer keyboard and mobile devices. Soft armrest pads provide great comfort to your elbows. Thanks to height adjustment you can easily move the chair under the table top.​

One chair for different users

With an advanced mechanism and armrests, XiliumG can grow or get smaller when adjusted to different body sizes as it’s dedicated for users' weight 45-150 kg. Side movement of the armrests gives user even more space. Thanks to that, Xilium G is a gaming chair which can be used by many users of different age, weigh and posture.​

The design and dimensions unusual for gaming chair make XiliumG adaptable to different spaces. It's a perfect choice for amateurs and professional players that spend long hours of gaming. Suiting home place to work or study, not only for adults but also for children and teenagers weighing over 45 kg. XiliumG will also work in the common spaces, such as chill rooms, open spaceoffices or hot desks.

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Magasságban és mélységben állítható fejtámla
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​​Egyedülálló DUO-BACK háttámla a gerinc megtámasztására
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30°-ban dönthető háttámla és szabad mozgás funkció



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