Zaklady Miesne Zakrzewscy

Zaklady Miesne Zakrzewscy

Lengyelország, Szczuczyn

An office to match the standards of the most modern production plant in Poland. That was the mission and the challenge faced by Nowy Styl and PUHALSKA DESIGN.

Coming up with a space for the Zakrzewscy Meat Processing Plant was no easy job. We started with an empty space with poor lighting. To make the most of it, we designed glass partition walls that separated the employee rooms from shared spaces and fitted in large skylights. The idea was to let the sunshine in, as they say, and optically enlarge the available space. Passageways were designed to facilitate the work of the dynamic team. The arranged space was then furnished with ergonomic solutions: CS5040 desks and Souly chairs. For the offices assigned to the managerial staff, we chose eRange solutions and Xilium chairs. To follow the client's expectations, we had to create a spacious interior, which combines sophisticated elegance with maximum functionality.

"The Client and Tatiana set high standards from the start as regards the selection of furniture from our portfolio to match the office interior. We chose top-of-the-range products. Our ergonomic and exclusive solutions reflected the office vibe and lived up to the users' expectations" – says Przemysław Bojar, Senior Sales Manager at Nowy Styl.

The large hall with the grand reception area is truly impressive and sets the tone for the entire place. Massive decorative elements combined with robust materials are supposed to stand for the stable foundations of the family business.

"A unique solution, which definitely deserves a mention, is including hotel apartments in the office facility. The Client can now offer comfortable accommodation to their business visitors. When choosing the equipment and materials, we settled for no compromise - we opted for products by the best Polish brands, to guarantee top quality and timely delivery"  – says Tatiana Puhalska, the architect who created the design for the  Zakrzewscy Meat Processing Plant office.

A creative idea, an original design, and a modern approach were combined to create an elegant and functional office - a hallmark of the most modern production plant in Poland.