Lengyelország, Cracow

Business Link is a premium office space operator, who decided to say goodbye to the long-standing tradition of assigning a workstation to a single employee. Departure from the "one person - one desk" scheme is an attractive model addressed to employers who need flexible, effective solutions for teams that follow a hybrid model or work part-time.

The project completed in the High5ive office building in Kraków boasts a functional layout prepared for hybrid work and immersed in a sea of greenery. The workspace is designed for people who wish to use the facilities mainly for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or team integration.​

The project included nearly one hundred workstations with electrical height adjustment desks and a variety of shared zones and places for group work. The assumptions relied on a broad range of furniture solutions - apart from the setting designed for working in front of the computer screen, there were also soft seating elements. As a result, a colourful, bright office was created, where you can freely diversify the work that needs to be done   says Paula Gibała, Senior Sales Manager at Nowy Styl.

A workstation designed for the open space is composed of two essential elements. eUP2 - electrical height adjustment desk - perfect for those who like basic products with top functionality. 4ME - a chair with a unique backrest design, resembling a tree branch and offering stable support and shock absorption.

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