WorkChill Station Nowy Styl Olivia Star

WorkChill Station Nowy Styl Olivia Star

Lengyelország, Gdańsk

"Work&Chill Station" as an extension of the showroom in Gdańsk

13th October 2022 saw an official launch of the new "Work&Chill Station" in the Olivia Star complex in Gdańsk. On this occasion, we also celebrated the anniversary of the showroom in the very heart of Gdańsk. It marks our proud presence in beautiful Pomerania!

During the meeting on 13th October, our guests were the first ones to see the new space in Olivia Star, designed for the residents of the business centre and their visitors.  Users can now test our products by Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co and be inspired by the presented furniture arrangements for meeting zones, teamwork areas and chillout spaces.

"Together with the representatives of Olivia Centre, we thought the most functional space combines places for work and relaxation. I have divided the whole space into four areas: relaxation, coworking, focus work and informal meetings. Our portfolio includes furniture that perfectly fits in with this concept." – says Magdalena Grabarczyk, architect for Nowy Styl, and the designer of the "Work&Chill Station."

The greatest advantages of the newly created zone are its versatility and multi-functionality. When users want to have a chat over a cup of coffee, they can use the Creva line. The Creva table will be perfect for teamwork, complete with comfortable Njord, Embla and Inta chairs. When you need to focus, you'll appreciate the Play&Work module with high sound-absorbing panels. The LinkUP chaise longue will be perfect for chillout.  There is also an ergonomic workstation with a Play&Work electrical height adjustment desk and an intuitive WithME chair. Individual zones are divided by lamella Privi partition walls and standalone Sileo walls. The space is complete with lamps and round carpets.

  "While arranging this space, we worked together with the Olivia Centre commercialisation department, which focuses on the residents' needs.  There's one interesting thing: the idea for chaise longues in the chillout zones came to us after a conversation with one of the tenants, who said he wishes there was a place where he could relax after a long flight. The "Work&Chill Station" makes the most of the collaboration between Olivia Centre and Nowy Styl. I believe we have created a place that meets the users' needs and reflects the ever-changing working styles." – says Robert Woźny, Sales Manager and the host of the Nowy Styl showroom in Gdańsk.

Right after the first pieces of furniture were assembled in this zone, we noticed that local employees were immediately interested. Many people are already using the space to hold personal phone conversations, work on their laptops or simply enjoy a coffee break.

Together we can do more. Arranging this space involved talking to several Residents and responding to their needs and suggestions. The final outcome is truly fantastic. It's been at the centre of attention since day 1. It's a popular place for formal and informal meetings. The precisely orchestrated arrangement designed by Nowy Styl makes all of the functions come together - not only does the space cater to multiple needs at a time, but it's also a great accomplishment of practical design - says Katarzyna Szymańska, Account Relations Manager.

We would like to thank all the guests who took part in the event on 13th October 2022 - we appreciate your presence, openness and involvement in the discussion on the future of office spaces. We hope the users of the "Work&Chill Station" will enjoy every minute spent in the zone. The furniture by Nowy Styl and Kusch+Co is designed to boost your comfort and effectiveness, be it at work or during a break. The space is not only an extension of the showroom in Gdańsk but also a place which will support the residents of Olivia Centre in their everyday efforts.

Visit the new Nowy Styl showroom in Gdańsk – Prime building, Olivia Centre, Aleja Grunwaldzka 472e.​