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New office reality The past few years saw rapid changes in organisations, as the pandemic restrictions were introduced and hybrid work appeared. In the contemporary world, we are faced with a challenge and expectations related to building relations, collaborative working model and mutual exchange. Employees expect and prioritise development opportunities. Contents 01 About the Reunion report 02 Post-pandemic office reality 04 What do I need from my office? 06 Homo-Workus 10 Explore the Reunion office 13 New areas of office work 14 Integration Welcoming zone Informal meeting zone 22 Inspiration Team spots Meeting zone 28 Concentration Silent zone 32 Summary © Copyright 2022 NSG TM sp. z o.o. Publications of NSG TM sp. z o.o. Brands and trademarks used herein are the property of NSG TM sp. z o.o. Content Aleksandra Szeląg Editors Aleksandra Szeląg, Nina Gonera, Zoltan Balogh, Anna Kanik, Maria Drągowska Space plan and visualisations Beata Kozłowska Graphic design Agata Sieczkowska We would like to thank all those who were involved in the process of creating this report by devoting their time and engagement. Thank you for sharing experience and supporting its creation. What is the Reunion Model? It is an office model proposed by Nowy Styl – an experienced partner in office space arrangement, with a portfolio of completed global projects. Reunion is an office that becomes the heart of the business – a place of interaction, meetings, ideas and information exchange, creation and focus. It’s a space that helps reinforce and rebuild relationships after the period of the pandemic. This model proposes a unique workstation arrangement, focused on teamwork. Who is this report addressed to? The report was drawn up to inspire and present the most interesting workplace solutions to those who make decisions concerning the layout and functionality of office spaces. It is addressed to office managers, managerial staff, HR specialists and experts in employer branding, workplace arrangement professionals, architects and office designers. It helps to find answers questions to questions such as; is it worthwhile to work in an office space and what might an office in the new reality look like? Who is the mind behind the report? The report was drawn up by an interdisciplinary team of workplace spe- cialists and enthusiasts. The team included go psychologists, architects, interior designers and acoustic consultants, who work with Nowy Styl clients on a regular daily basis. On this occasion, we would like to thank the employees of Sabre and Havi, as well as our partners: IU Technology and CISCO and the participants of the survey conducted in spring 2022 by Nowy Styl and titled “What do I need frommy office”. 01